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International Business without International Costs

International Business without International Costs

allpics intl biz  International Business without International Costs

International Business without International Costs

The cost of operating a business with an international base of clients has traditionally been too cost prohibitive for smaller companies. However, several technological advances have made it much easier for a business owner of any size to reach out to a worldwide audience. In fact, utilizing a few simple and relatively inexpensive methods can help you vastly increase your annual profit margin.

What Techniques can Reduce My Operating Expenses?

As previously mentioned, the cost of dealing with customers and clients who are based out of a different country has often been the main factor in determining whether or not to operate internationally. Fortunately, if you are interested in expanding your base of operations, you can begin using three techniques today that will allow you to expand your reach for a minimal cost.

1. Free International Numbers – It is now possible for a business owner to obtain an international telephone number that will enable clients outside of the U.S. to contact them for free without being forced to pay an exorbitant fee. This is due to the cost-cutting option of working with an international telephone number provider that offers Internet calling. In other words, having a VOiP provider will let you reduce your phone bill and make it easier for people worldwide to connect with you.

2. Cloud Storage – Some companies make the decision to hire remotely based employees in other countries, but this can become problematic if they do not have a centralized location to access important data. Therefore, you should switch to cloud storage so that everyone who works for you can easily obtain necessary files from any web enabled device regardless of where they are physically located. As an added bonus, cloud storage provides a great backup solution that will enable you to preserve your company’s most critical data even if a natural disaster destroys your building.

3. Call Centers Operated Via the Cloud – One of the most exciting usages of cloud technology is the ability to have a fully automated call center that you do not need to provide physical space for. Instead, you will be able to monitor all of your call activity via a dashboard, and your virtual call center will sync up with your international phone number so that your calls can be forwarded to any land line or cellphone. Additionally, these call centers provide each of your callers with the ability to connect with your voice mail system 24/7 instead of dealing with unanswered calls when your office is closed.

As you can see, the cost of doing business internationally has definitely been positively impacted by recent technology. In fact, the odds are high that all of these technological advances will continue to be improved upon, and this makes now a very exciting time to expand the reach of your company. After all, any business that is able to greatly increase their customer base will also generate a lot more revenue. Therefore, it is a good idea to strongly consider signing up for an international number, cloud storage and a virtual call center.

As a small business owner, Melanie Fleury is always looking at ways to grow her business. Services offered at make becoming an international business as simple as expanding at home. She hopes that this will inspire entrepreneurs to take the next step to grow their business.

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