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How to Recover From Injuries in a Scaffolding Collapse

How to Recover From Injuries in a Scaffolding Collapse

allpics scaff How to Recover From Injuries in a Scaffolding Collapse

How to Recover From Injuries in a Scaffolding Collapse

Scaffolding accidents are one of the top five reasons for accidents on a construction site. Working at various heights on what is basically a skeleton structure is risky at best. Construction workers understand the risks they take each day and use the proper safety equipment, but accidents still happen.

The most common injuries that occur in these accidents are:

• Head trauma
• Neck and back injuries
• Broken bones
• Sprains
• Lacerations

Of these injuries, head and neck injuries are the most common.

Recovering from A Scaffolding Accident

The recovery period after a scaffolding accident can be quite extensive. Head, neck, and back injuries generally require long periods of physical therapy so that the injured party can regain use of all parts of their body. It is not uncommon for many head injuries to also require other forms of therapy for speech and cognitive skills.

The best thing that any injured construction worker can do is follow all the advice and treatment plans of their doctor and dedicate themselves to making a full recovery. Adding certain activities to your daily routine may also help with the recovery process such as:

• Meditation – Learning how to meditate can be a very effective way to manage pain and help boost concentration levels. Mediation can be performed at any time with little effort. Meditation has also been shown to reduce stress levels which improve overall heath.

Meditation - Higher Ground
• Yoga – With the approval of your doctor, you may want to incorporate yoga into your routine. The stretching will help loosen your muscles and make you more flexible, allowing you to perform your physical therapy with more ease. Yoga also improves muscle strength which can be very beneficial to someone with a back injury.

• Hobby – Take up a hobby that is relaxing to you. While this may seem like a very different type of therapy, it is very conducive to healing. Being able to absorb yourself into something other than the physical pain and discomfort of your injury or worrying about financial issues will be very beneficial to the healing process.

What to Do If You Have Been Injured In A Scaffolding Accident

If you have been injured at work while using company scaffolding, it is very important that you complete the following steps:

• Seek Immediate Medical Care

It is easy to assume that the accident has already been reported to the supervisor and a report has been made. If your injuries seem minor, request medical care anyways. Head, neck, and back injuries can escalate quickly from a “headache” to a serious condition if not treated.

Braddell Road• Contact An Attorney

You will want to contact a scaffolding accident attorney at your earliest convenience. A lawyer can make sure that you receive complete and fair compensation for your injuries. By obtaining an attorney at the onset, you are ensuring that your rights are protected. As well, good legal counsel is helpful, in the event the insurance company tries to deny any medical treatment or financial payments you are entitled to.

Construction work comes with risks, everyone in the business understands this well. Those employed in this industry should always place their safety first and utilize all equipment that can protect them from harm. If injured, they should seek immediate care and contact an attorney to make sure that their rights are protected.

LaGeris Underwood Bell is a freelance writer who is very concerned with on-the-job safety issues. When a construction worker has suffered injury while on an exterior building structure, they should seek the advice of a scaffolding accident attorney. This type of legal support will provide the individual with the help they need to recover.

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