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Security Services Package: What it Does and Doesn’t Include

Security Services Package: What it Does and Doesn’t Include

Our world today has become quite a scary world. There are a lot of crimes every now and then, and people have become quite harder to please. In addition to this, the technology has become more innovative that crimes can be quickly kept in secret. The consequence of this includes the fact that the people have become more aware of their properties, and their valuables. Gone are the days when pad lock is enough. With an ax, one can easily break through. Hence the need for specialized security services. With the plethora of security companies mushrooming, how does one choose which offers the best package? What should be included in the package and what does it not include? Should there be additional costs attributable to the installation of security devices?

What it includes: 

Typically, a good security service package should include the following in their quote:

· Ready-to-use security system

                        Their security system should also be easy to operate. This would allow the client to avoid having to call for too many people for installation. A “plug-and-play” is also ideal because it has steps that are easy to understand.

· Smart door lock

                        This smart door lock is the first security measure that can be installed.

·Video cameras

                        Video cameras can be deemed useless without the sounds. Hence, to be able to be more efficient, video cameras with sound should be installed instead.

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                        Some security services limit their coverage. Make sure that the one you choose is flexible.

With this package, you get safety in ways that are miles beyond those old school alarm systems that didn’t do much besides create noise.

But these will only prevent trespassers. With a more advanced security system, you can tell the lock to actually send you a text message or e-mail you when someone is in your home, or not. You can also control which specific lights should be on when a sensor is tripped. You can also control the temperature and can send you alerts too. This security package allows your house to be an automatic partner in running your life.

What it DOESN’T Include 

While the package sounds as good as it gets, there is still some stuff which are not to be included in the package:

1.Dedicated security guard

                        -This will be an additional cost, since you have to pay someone to guard your property

2.Unlimited Telephone Lines

                        –Telephone lines are not part of the package. You need to contact a telecommunications                 company. 

3.Operational Risk Assessment

            -The security services company cannot assess the risk involved. You are solely responsible for this unless you decide to consult an agency to do it for you.

The Cost

The traditional security systems make you pay for the privilege each and every month, whether something happens or not while locking you in their system. While nowadays, there are no more monthly fees or very little of such, depending on your choice.

These are some of the other features you may want to discuss with your security service provider. TO ensure utmost agreement of minds, do not rush meetings and be sure to ask questions. Remember, it is your safety at risk, and it shouldn’t be like that when you are paying a good sum of money.

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Tony works as an event planner and occasionally writes articles on his blog. He has seen a great increase in the number of business’s and organizations employing security guards for events and parties due to rise in theft. He personally hired Unified Protective Services to provide full security guard services for one of his events he was planning.


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