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What to consider when buying a new home

What to consider when buying a new home

When you’re looking to buy a home there is a great many things that you need to consider.  This post will try to give you a few points to take into account whether you’re looking to buy your first home, move up the property ladder or downsize to something more manageable.

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When you’re looking to buy a property you obviously need to consider the price of it, you need to get some mortgage quotes and make sure that you find a home you will be able to afford to pay for.  Mortgage rates are very low at the moment but they can’t stay low for ever, even the Bank of England is worried about mortgage affordability in the future.

Speak to an independant financial advisor about your mortgage options and get pre-qualified for a mortgage, a financial advisor will probably advise you go for a fixed rate option. Having a mortgage in place is good if you want to get taken seriously too, many estate agents insist that home buyers have a mortgage in place before they even show them any properties.

If you are already on the property ladder and moving up or down it you need to consider if there is enough space for your furniture and other possessions, get a few local removals firms to come and give you a quote. Most removal firms offer free quotations and will be able to assess whether or not they need to make any special arrangements for your furniture or property.

Consider the location of the home that you’re going to buy. You need to make sure that your new home is in a good location in respect of things like your place of work, hospitals and schools (if you have or are planning to start a family).  Making sure that you get a home in the perfect location is going to make living there more enjoyable and will enable you to get the best price for it if you ever want to sell.

The size of the new home is something that you should consider,  will it just be you when your partner living there? Are you planning for or do you already have a family?  Size is something that you need to consider when you’re looking to purchase a property. If you have already been through the process you probably know that buying a home and moving is extremely stressful, if it is your first time you will probably be shocked at how stressful it is and I doubt you will want to do it too often.

These are just a few of the things that you need to keep in mind when you’re looking to buy a new home.  By going into the process of purchasing a home as an informed buyer you’ll have a much better chance in making sure that you get the property you want, in the location that you are of looking to live in and for a price that you can comfortably afford.


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    What to consider when buying a new home


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