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Galapagos Archipelago: Four Islands To Not Miss

Galapagos Archipelago: Four Islands To Not Miss

The Galapagos Islands are an interesting travel destination for many who travel in search of exploration and adventure. The Galapagos Archipelago is amongst the largest in the world. Have you walked on a paved road to enter a beach? Have you climbed down the stairs of any lava tunnel or snorkelled in a tunnel? Have you been to volcano trekking? Or have you heard of sea chickens? If no is the answer to all these questions, you must visit the Galapagos archipelago soon.

  1. Santa Cruz Island: Santa Cruz is known for its longest lava tunnel. Bella Vista is one of the most visited by tourists; other tunnels are El Mirador and Salasaca tunnels. The lava tunnel is well lit with stairs in and out and easy accessibility. Then there is the Tortuga Bay of Puerto Ayora. The famed beach of Galapagos is just a mile’s walk from the crescent entrance. You pass through a jungle paved pathway which makes your journey lively. Once your each the beach, walk further to reach the Tortuga Bay. The sea at the beach is rough, but you will still see surfers surfing. However the sea is much calmer at the Tortuga Bay, where one can snorkel, surf, sunbath, swim or just relax at the mangrove-led beach. This beach is home to land iguanas and sea lions that are very friendly.
  1. Isabela Island: The largest island of the Galapagos, Isabela is four times larger than the Santa Cruz and is a mesmerizing island in the shape of a sea horse. Isabela Island is home to the Sierra Negra and Chico volcanos; that is the second largest volcanic craters in the world. One can reach the Sierra Negra by trekking or horse riding. You will be dropped at the border of the crater and allowed to walk around. You will be surprised to see many volcanic mouths sending off fumaroles to many places. Isabela is also known for the Los Tuneles, a tunnel that holds species of manta rays, sharks, penguins, boobies and other Galapagos mammals. One is allowed to snorkel in this ocean, which looks like a tunnel because of the lava formations in the ocean.
submarine life galapagos island 300x225 Galapagos Archipelago: Four Islands To Not Miss
  1. San Cristobal Island: A heart shaped mountain that offers marvelous views of the many natural lava tunnels on one side and the countryside on the other. Go snorkelling and hiking at the Las Loberias, a beach with many options of water sports and spotting mammals. Apart from sea lions, iguanas and blue footed boobies; gulls, crabs, turtles and frigate birds are also easy to spot and capture. Visit the EL Junco lagoon, a residential freshwater body, for bird watching, especially the frigate birds, Bahama Pintail and river chickens. Also visit the Kicker Rock that one must have seen in many documentaries. The kicker rock of San Cristobal stands right in the middle of the ocean and is known for snorkelling.


  1. Darwin Island: Though this one is an isolated island, it is the among the shark capitals of the world. The Darwin islands are not easy to reach as they are surrounded by cliffs. But they have the best marine wildlife to tour and explore. Pick up a good tour operator and go diving in these islands to witness some unusual species that you would have never heard of. Hammerheads, angelfish, Darwin sharks, manta rays, eagle rays, reef sharks and much more.

The place not to miss while in Galapagos Island is the Darwin Research Center. The place has a tortoise farm located centrally and holds interesting information on hatchery of the tortoises. Information on land Iguanas and Turtles is also available.

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