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Hiring An SEO Consultant? Five Criteria To Use

Hiring An SEO Consultant? Five Criteria To Use

Researching and hiring the right choice for your sites search engine optimization is hard. Mix this with the fact that a new business owner’s to-do list is seemingly infinite, but this article is to lighten the burden of endless tasks. Listed below are a few things to consider when looking for a SEO provider to give you the upper hand in the dynamic world of SEO.

hiring seo consultant five criteria Hiring An SEO Consultant? Five Criteria To Use

1. Check Out their Certifications

Although there are not many certifications that are standard to a well-rounded SEO, a Google Analytics certification is a good start. It may be easier to just note the companies they have worked for in the past, and how they specifically helped. Any “official” SEO certifications should be investigated with a grain of salt.

2. Communication Skills a Must

The person who is enabling the lucrative future of your business should be able to accurately and concisely communicate. This person should consistently be available to discuss any questions you may have regarding their recommendations for your company’s goals. A quality SEO consultant should be able to teach you in simple terms their plan, goals, and actions that directly affect your success.

3. Awesome Portfolio

In order to show off their technique and expertise, a working artist should always be eager to display the hard work they’ve performed. A potential SEO provider should be proud of their past interactions with clients as well. They should be eagerly showing specific details where they positively impacted another company in the ways you would like to see for yourself. If these work samples are not provided up front or when asked for, that’s a red flag!

4. Learn SEO Cheap Tricks and Avoid Any Who Use Them

There are many dated practices deemed unethical that some SEO “experts” may be implementing even after their use has been chastised. Some of these include sly ways of sneaking keywords into articles to raise their visibility to search engines, others are based on algorithmically accomplished content duplication. It is key to arm yourself with knowledge about these and other dirty practices all too common in SEO. For the sake of your future reputation, it is important to keep a close eye on your consultant.

5. Cost

The most basic of all considerations, how much are you going to be charged for the work? Before you investigate the above stated parameters, be sure to figure out your SEO budget and begin your search for not only the best consultant, but the best priced consultant.

So, no you know about five things to look for when hiring a search engine eoptimization consultant. You’ll be able to take the knowledge to decide if an out-of-house SEO is the best for your company and if so, if you should hire a patricular contractor. In any case, if you can’t find an SEO contractor meeting all these criteria, you might consider doing your SEO internally or not at alll. It’s always better to have no SEO than bad SEO.

David Hook blogs about internet marketing out of Austin, Tx for Fahrenheit Marketing. He is a lifelong learner, writer and artist.

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