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5 Ways to Cut Red Tape Out of an Accident Claim

5 Ways to Cut Red Tape Out of an Accident Claim

ALLPICS CAR ACCIDENT 5 Ways to Cut Red Tape Out of an Accident Claim

5 Ways to Cut Red Tape Out of an Accident Claim

One of the biggest problems you will face when you have been in a car accident is dealing with the insurance company. Insurance companies are famous for denying benefits, forgetting types of compensation, and pushing for an early settlement to cut their losses. Ultimately, it seems like they will try their best to exasperate the claim in an effort to get out of paying.

Unfortunately, these insurers get away with this type of behavior because accident victims are already frustrated and stressed out by the car accident itself. They are dealing with injuries, financial losses and even loss of the use of their car. These victims are easy to agitate, and this is why the insurance company will begin to push for a settlement as quickly as possible.

The following tips are ways for a person to cut out some of the red tape and be more successful when filing an accident claim.

1. Hire a Car Accident Attorney

The very first thing that you will need to do is hire an attorney to protect your rights as a victim. Your attorney will know exactly what you are entitled to receive under the law as a form of compensation for your losses. The attorney will not allow the insurance company to “forget” or undercut your compensation.

2. Never Give a Statement

The insurance company is going to try and get you state facts that can be twisted around to suit their needs. They will also try and convince you that you need to settle now or that the process will take years. Never give an oral or written statement without your attorney. When the insurer requests your information, refer them to your lawyer; they must comply with this request.

3. Follow All Medical Advice

The insurance company will look at missed appointments and unfilled prescriptions as a sign that you are not interested in treatment or no longer require medical attention. This can stop your case dead in its tracks. Always follow medical advice and treatments as prescribed.

4. Document Everything

You need to document your expenses due to the accident, including time missed from work, mileage to doctor visits, and any over-the-counter medications purchased to treat the injuries. Keep a diary of your health and injuries and how they are progressing. Everything you track will be beneficial to your case.

5. Avoid Public Statements

Insurance companies now have entire departments monitoring social media. They are looking for anything that you post that could lead to your case being dismissed and your claim denied. If you must talk about the accident or your injuries in any way, keep it very bland. Save the details for when you speak face-to-face. Remember: everything you post is public information and what you post can and will be used against you.

By following these steps and allowing your personal injury attorney to manage the case, you will have a very successful car accident claim and not have to worry about the insurance company making your lie chaotic. It is very important to remember that only your attorney will have your best interest in mind. The insurance company is only watching their profit margin.

Lisa Coleman shares some tips on what a person can do to make for a timelier and successful auto accident claim. She recently viewed online how an injury lawyer could help during the claims process. Click here for more Information about Williams Law Association, an injury attorney in the Tampa area, and how they can help in such a case.

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