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When Your Child Is Injured: 5 Things You Must Do

When Your Child Is Injured: 5 Things You Must Do

allpics mom and kid When Your Child Is Injured: 5 Things You Must Do

When Your Child Is Injured: 5 Things You Must Do

It is typical for every parent to panic when their child is injured and then turn to anger towards the person or entity that caused the injury. However, parents really do not have this luxury when an injury occurs. They must act properly and do the right things to protect their child’s health and rights as a victim.

If your child has been injured, here’s five steps to help protect your child.

1. Soothe Your Child. Whatever just happened it hurts and they are scared. In an accident discussed on the blog of a Raleigh personal injury lawyer, a case involving teens mentions how scared a passenger was after an accident. Do whatever it takes to soothe your child and calm them down. Your child needs you more than ever right now and you need to be cool and calm so you can give them the support they need. This is crucial. If you panic, so will they.

2. Notify Authorities. You need to report the accident to the right authorities. If the accident happened at a place of business, report it to management. If it was another type of accident, report it to the police. Make sure that a report is filed with someone so that you can get immediate medical care for your child.

3. Get Medical Treatment. Even if the injury may seem minor, have your child examined. Head injuries and bone and muscle injuries can be more severe in children because they are still growing. Let a doctor determine the severity of the injuries.

4. Hire A Personal Injury Attorney. Your child is entitled to receive total medical care for their injuries and may also be entitled to other forms of compensation for the accident. By hiring an attorney you protect their rights as a victim. As an additional benefit, having an attorney available to deal with the insurance companies will be a stress relief for you and provide you with more time to care for your child.

5. Do Not Give Any Statements. Do not give any statements to the insurance company, written or oral, about the accident or the injuries unless you have spoken to your attorney. The insurance adjustor is going to try to get you to say something that will lessen your claim or cause it to be denied. If they realize that you are working with an attorney, they will be more apt to work through the process legally.Your child is the most important thing in your life. You need to be able to act quickly and calmly when they have been injured. Following these steps will allow you to sail through the process and will help you to remain calm to care for your child.

Of course, this whole experience will be devastating to you at the same time. But as a parent, you need to remain in control. You will find time later to be emotional and upset. Now, however is not the time, your child must come first.

Writer Melanie Fleury has four kids and knows how scary even a small injury can be. Auger & Auger, a Raleigh personal injury lawyer urges parents to seek immediate medical attention as well as legal counsel if the injury is the fault of another.

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