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What Is The History Behind The Tattoo?

What Is The History Behind The Tattoo?

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A tattoo, a fascination among the youth, is considered as one of the latest trendy things but very few people have noticed that it is not a new fashion; it has been there for as long as five thousand years. Earlier it was known as body art and was quite different in forms, designs, colours and the method of tattooing. Thanks to the charm of tattoo among the modern people, archaeological studies are done on this topic too.

How The Tattoos Originated In The Past?

In the past, the art of making tattoos was not concentrated to one culture. In fact, it was spread all over the globe and were used for different reasons. For instance, facial tattoos which were common in an indigenous society of Japan and also among Australians, are now made in Taiwan, North Africa, Nigeria and New Zealand.

But the modern tattoos system started in 1700s when Captain James Cook brought a man with a tattoo as a present to the King George. The trend of tattooing the sailors started then. It became a trend that the workers of the sea such as the sailors and other common seamen should have tattoos. Public made a mentality that the tattooed people are seamen and work on ports and ships. Later, the trend spread to the ports of the world and to the interior also. This led to greater demand of tattoos all around the world, especially in the port cities.

First Documentation Of Tattoo Artist

The first person who is known to be a professional tattoo artist was Martin Hildebrandt in 1846 of US. He was actually a migrant from Germany. He made tattoos on the sides of soldiers during the Civil war of Americans.

The first tattooing establishment appeared in Liverpool port, Britain in 1870s. During the earlier times, tattooing in Britain was confined to the lower class people including the sailing community. But after 1870s, the art broke the boundaries of class and started influencing the people of the upper classes. In fact, it made its way in royal societies also.

Modern Tattooed World

Since 1970s till now, tattoos have remained the most important element of the Western fashion. Initially these were famous among the men only but later were liked by both men and women.

In USA, 36% of the total people of the age group 18-25 years had tattoos. 40% of the population of 26-40 years old had tattoos. This statistic was given in the year 2006. Overall, more than 16% of the Americans have at least one tattoo on their body. The UK also has somewhat similar trend as that of the US. Other parts of the world except the UK and US are also not left untouched.

A survey done in 2010 in Australia reported that 25% of the people under the age of 30 in Australia had tattoos. On an average, 16% of people on Earth have tattoo on their body. The craze of getting a tattoo is still on with different designs and forms.

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