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Top Five Benefits Of Hardwood Floors

Top Five Benefits Of Hardwood Floors

One of the main things you will notice about hardwood floors, whether they are installed at home or in the office, is that they add a certain touch of class. They look great and take us back to a more traditional time when hardwood floors were the norm. However, not only does this type of flooring look great it also adds certain strength and depth to the overall structure of a property. One thing we are aware of, though, is that hardwood floors have been extremely popular for many years and it appears they will continue to be so. This post will introduce you to some of the benefits of having this type of flooring in your home or office.

top five benefits hardwood floors Top Five Benefits Of Hardwood Floors

Easy Installation

top five benefits hardwood floors1 Top Five Benefits Of Hardwood Floors

Admittedly, it will help if you’ve laid a hardwood floor before, but once you get the hang of it you will find it very straightforward. Hardwood floors have been specifically manufactured and produced so that they provide a uniform fit. However, prior to installation it is probably best to decide whether you prefer prefinished or unfinished flooring.

Easy to Clean

top five benefits hardwood floors2 Top Five Benefits Of Hardwood Floors

This may be one of the major reasons that people turn to hardwood floors, as they are exceptionally easy to keep clean. Unfortunately, when it comes to carpeted floors it’s difficult to know what germs or creatures may be lurking. However, with hardwood flooring it is far easier to tell when it needs to be cleaned, although they don’t usually accumulate a lot of dirt and dust anyway. You can easily get away with vacuuming, mopping and drying on a weekly basis.

They Look Great

top five benefits hardwood floors3 Top Five Benefits Of Hardwood Floors

It must be said, that hardwood floors do look great in just about any environment. They look extremely elegant and typically look as though they cost a lot of money, which isn’t always the case. There are also many different species of wood to choose from and the various shades and unfinished colors may help to compliment other items in your home. Hardwood floors also have an uncanny knack of making an area look far more spacious.


top five benefits hardwood floors4 Top Five Benefits Of Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are manufactured in such a way that they are expected to last from many, many years. They are even kiln-dried during the production process, which only goes to make them even stronger and more durable. If you have particular high traffic areas of your home then you may be best off installing this type of flooring, as it can certainly take pretty much whatever you want to throw at it.

A Great Investment

top five benefits hardwood floors5 Top Five Benefits Of Hardwood Floors

A wood floor in general can be considered a great investment, as they are known to increase the value of property. When you look at the factors mentioned above it’s easy to see why. You may not be looking to sell your home right now, but by installing hardwood flooring you are definitely making an investment in your future. In fact, you will typically find that this type of flooring will increase the value of your property by far more than the initial cost of the flooring and installation. This in itself is a great reason to have hardwood floors, as there aren’t many items around the home that would add value like this.

The author of this post, Gary Stark is a supervisor at Alliance Floor Source, a company offering a wide array of flooring options in Toronto. He is an automobile enthusiast and he works on a few car restoration projects in his free time.

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  1. avatar comment-top

    This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that hardwood floors have a classic look. My husband and I are renovating my formal dining room, and I want to have a really formal and classic look to the whole room. I’ll definitely look into having hardwood floors install to complete the look. Thanks for the great post!

  2. avatar comment-top

    I just recently got a new home, and I’m going to replace the carpet floors with hardwood floors. I’ll prefer to have hardwood floor any day of the week because it seems so much easier to maintain than carpet is. I’ll also love the change of look from carpet to hardwood. My new home was meant to have hardwood and I’m going to make sure it gets it.

  3. avatar comment-top

    I learned a lot about the benefits of hardwood flooring by reading this article. I really like how you said that “Hardwood floors are manufactured in such a way that they are expected to last from many, many years.” I have never worked with flooring specialists before but I can imagine how helpful one can be when it comes reaping the benefits that come with hardwood floors.

  4. avatar comment-top

    Those are really good points that hardwood floors are durable and easy to clean. It’s much easier to spot clean a small spill versus having to deal with stain removals with carpet. I’ll have to consider these items as I’m looking at what kind of flooring to put in my new home. Thanks for the awesome info!

  5. avatar comment-top

    One of the benefits of hardwood floors that appeals to me the most is the fact that they are cleaner. My family has a history of bad allergies and breathing problems, and carpeted floors have been a huge factor in making those problems worse! There is so much bacteria and dust that accumulates and it is much harder to spot and clean than with hardwoods floors!

  6. avatar comment-top

    Another benefit I would point out is that they are much better for people with allergies! My sister suffers from pretty bad allergies and when we had carpet, they were so much worse. All of the dirt and dust and other particles she is allergic to, build up in the carpet. The wood floors helped her out because there is no buildup. She can breath a lot better now!

  7. avatar comment-top

    I agree totally that hardwood is much easier to clean. I just moved from carpet to hardwood and I am never going back. I used to spend hours trying to vacuum and remove stains, and now I do simple sweeping and mopping and it’s much less tedious.

  8. avatar comment-top

    Thank you for helping me understand the benefits of hardwood floors. I really like how you explained that “Hardwood floors are manufactured in such a way that they are expected to last from many, many years.” I have never had hardwood floors before but I can imagine how helpful they can be when it comes to durability and longevity.

  9. avatar comment-top

    I really like that hardwood floors are easy to clean! My husband and I have to spend a lot of time just to keep our house clean, so we’d like to have a floor that is as easy as possible. When I have a chance, I’ll be sure to bring this up to him. He would really like the idea of just mopping and vacuuming once a week!


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