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Ticketed For Street Racing? Here’s What to Do

Ticketed For Street Racing? Here’s What to Do

allpics street racing Ticketed For Street Racing? Heres What to Do

Got a Ticket For Street Racing? Here’s What to Do

Most Americans have an inherent sense of competitiveness within them. This can be seen by the fact that we turn everything from driving to eating hotdogs into competitions. Unfortunately, this competitive nature can sometimes land a person in trouble. One instance of this occurring is when individuals decide to street race. This type of behavior can lead to serious personal injuries, and those who cause accidents can face civil lawsuits. Even if an accident doesn’t occur, however, street racers can face serious legal consequences that they’ll need legal help to maneuver out of.

Know the Dangers

The best way to get out of a charge of street racing, also known as drag racing in some states, is to not engage in the behavior in the first place. The activity is one of the most dangerous things that a person can engage in while on the open highways. Public roads are not closed off for street racing, so the chances of vehicles not involved in the race getting into an accident is high.

Speeding is one of the leading causes of car accidents in America. In fact, research has shown that 49 of every 1,000 street racers in the country will suffer some type injury related to the event. Sadly, a full 58 percent of fatalities that occur due to street racing happen to individuals between the ages of 15 and 29.

Street Racing Laws

Before a person can fully understand the best way to avoid a conviction for street racing, they need to understand the law. These laws, however, will vary depending upon the state that a person is arrested in. What’s similar between states, though, is that laws often state that a person must be engaged in competitive racing on public roads to be considered guilty of street racing.

Some states actually have street racing laws that encompass any person involved in the event. If a person is traveling through Orlando, FL, for instance, they can be charged with street racing for engaging in a race with another person, knowingly riding in a vehicle that engages in this activity, hindering the flow of traffic in order for the race to take place or participating in the race in any regard. Those arrested in the state can face fines in the thousands of dollars range and potential jail terms of one year for a first offense.

Dealing with Street Racing Charges

Due to the seriousness of the potential consequences of a street racing conviction, it’s vital for an individual to speak with an attorney before doing anything other than entering a “not guilty” plea. While instances of street racing may seem open and shut in many people’s eyes, this is far from the truth. In fact, there are several defenses to charges of street or drag racing. If a person is arrested in Florida for street racing, consulting an Orlando motorcycle accident attorney will help a person find out their legal rights.

One common defense to these charges is that the officer didn’t fully witness what he claimed was street racing. There are instances where speeding past another vehicle is nothing more than a routine traffic maneuver, so officers can sometimes make the mistake of believing a crime was occurring when it in reality was not. In fact, even proving that there was no competitive nature to the alleged race is usually enough to gain an acquittal.

Street racing is definitely a dangerous activity, but being arrested for the crime doesn’t constitute an automatic conviction. In fact, there are several defenses that a person’s attorney can use to show that their client is either innocent of the crime or proper jurisprudence wasn’t used in the course of the events that followed a race. Either way, it’s imperative for individuals to not automatically agree to a plea deal; in the end, this can lead to unnecessarily harsh repercussions.

Leon Bracey is a freelance writer who understands the dangers of street racing and its impact on people. When researching this article, he searched the termĀ Orlando motorcycle accident attorney to give readers insight on this topic.

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