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Tell a Story at your Wedding with Origami

Tell a Story at your Wedding with Origami

Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper. It sounds simple in its most basic description. However origami creates recognizable forms from graceful animals to delicate flowers using intricate folding and shaping methods. This beautiful craft is an excellent addition to your wedding décor and can be used to tell a story with a unique collection of origami art. Here Master Oh, one of the world’s leading paper artists, explains why:

Your Story

Every couple has a story to tell. Origami allows you to tell your story with subtle details placed throughout the reception and ceremony areas. You can look to your story for inspiration and work with an origami artist to come up with the perfect paper sculptures. For example, if you met while travelling you could use birds to indicate the flight that brought you together and landmarks that you visited. A love of music could use musical instruments or notes. A love of food could create pretty little fruits or vegetables. Whatever brought you together can be created and used with various colours of paper and then filled in glass vases, stringed to create garland or placed on tables and hung on chairs along the aisle.

Your Guests’ Story

Another way to create a story at your wedding is to choose one or two simple sculptures and place instructions and paper at the tables during the reception. Ask guests to make a piece of origami art and collect them before dinner is served. You will have a special piece of art created by each guest that attended your wedding. You can place them in a large glass vase in your home as a memory of the special people who shared the day you started your lives together. You can also supply pens and have people sign their work or offer special wishes to you to make the art even more meaningful and personal.

bridalroses 300x195 Tell a Story at your Wedding with Origami

Your Future

Another idea is to create pieces of origami that reflect your hopes and dreams for the future. Whether it is to travel together, to plant a garden in your new home, create a family or pursue your dreams for better careers and prosperity you can have a collection of origami sculptures created to signify the beginning of your story.

Your Families

A large part of a wedding is the joining of two families and uniting two lives as one. You can tell a story about each family and person and then have sculptures that signify your joining as one. There are many symbols you can use such as a flowerfor each of you. Flowers can be scattered throughout the ceremony area where you arrive separately and then be entwined together in the reception areas to signify you are now united. You can consider asking guests in the invitations to make some origami art and have vases in which they can be placed when they arrive at the reception. This can be a little risky in case few people decide to participate.

Your story has many levels and whether you want to speak about your past, lead into the future or share the story of family and friends origami can provide you with the art you need to symbolize your lives together.


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