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Sharing the Road: Motorcycle Safety

Sharing the Road: Motorcycle Safety

ALLPICS BIKER Sharing the Road: Motorcycle Safety

Sharing the Road: Motorcycle Safety

A firm staple of modern culture, motorcycles are the go-to transportation for many people today. Fans of motorcycles often prefer this mode of travel to any other because they love the freedom, speed, and finesse that comes from riding a cycle down the highway or around town. However, even though motorcycles now given the same status as cars on the road, motorcyclists are still advised to remember their personal safety while they are out riding. Committing these safety tips to memory can help bikers enjoy riding their cycles and staying safe on every journey.

Give Cars Their Due Space

Just as car drivers must give bikers their space on the road, motorcyclists are reminded to give drivers the same courtesy. Some bikers feel that they can weave in and out of traffic rather recklessly simply because they are riding a smaller vehicle. However, when they act with such disregard toward motorists, cyclists are in fact putting themselves in danger, as well as risking the safety of car drivers in front of and behind them on the road. Just as they would give another car driver a two second window of personal space when they are driving a car, cyclists are reminded to use this same courtesy and safety while out riding their cycles.

Make Sure Others See Them

It is largely taken for granted among the biking community that people who can hear riders’ bikes can also see them. However, this assumption has prematurely ended many motorcycle riders’ lives and caused just as many others to suffer from debilitating injuries. Bikers are reminded never to assume that drivers can see them while they are out on a ride. They should stay visible by making sure they stay out of drivers’ blind spots, stay in full view of people’s rearview mirrors, and also by wearing reflective strips on their clothes or donning light-colored clothing for their personal safety.

Slow Down During Adverse Weather

Even with all of the safety advancements available in today’s cycles, bikers should still remember to slow down if the weather is averse to safe motorcycling. Rain, snow, fog, and overcast skies make it more dangerous for bikers to be out on the road. If they insist on motorcycling in such conditions, these people are reminded to slow down and to be prepared for slick road conditions. By slowing down and riding for the weather conditions, they can keep themselves safe, as well as avoid wrecking into other drivers on the roads.

Wear Helmets

The debate rages on among many bikers today about whether or not to wear helmets while riding. In fact, many bikers consider wearing a helmet to be a highly personal choice rather than an issue of safety. Even so, riders who want to avoid getting hurt or killed may consider wearing a helmet. A helmet can prevent these individuals from suffering brain and head injuries.

With motorcycles now widely accepted and even expected on the roads today, riders of these vehicles should remember some basic safety tips. These reminders can help them ride safe and avoid injuries or death.

Writer Melanie Fleury likes a motorcycle ride every now and then. However, as it states on, “riding a motorcycle can also be dangerous and one of the biggest risks to motorcyclists is other drivers on the road.” By staying on the offensive and following a few safety tips, motorcyclists can stay safe while still enjoying the ride.

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