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Parents Living Alone? Tips For A Needed Transition

Parents Living Alone? Tips For A Needed Transition

allpics senior table Parents Living Alone? Tips For A Needed Transition

 Parents Living Alone? Tips For A Needed Transition

One of the most difficult decisions a child has to make is whether their aging parents are able to care for themselves at home. Warning signs can move the process along, especially if their health is deteriorating. While it may difficult to broach the subject of a move, you’ll find assisted living communities to be quite different than in previous years.

Warning Signs

Your parents may have been a constant source of support and care throughout your life. It can be difficult to the see your roles in life reversing, and you may now have to step up to the plate and be their primary caregiver. There are telltale signs that your loved one is no longer able to live on Celebrant's High Fivetheir own.

These can include an unkempt and messy house, bills left unpaid, poor hygiene, unclean clothing and rapid loss of weight. Problems such as dementia, Alzheimer’s and other health concerns can cause them to fail to eat properly, misplace important items and forget to take their medication at the appropriate time.


Having your individuality taken away from you can be heartbreaking, and you need to remain respectful throughout the process. This means keeping the lines of communication open and giving your loved ones a say in the matter. Their physician and any other health care professionals should also be apprised of any changes in their health and wellness.

You can broach the subject of assisted living carefully. Allow them to be included in picking out the right facility, especially when you make appointments to tour them. You can also choose something near family and friends, so you’re in close proximity for visits.

Personalize Their Space

When it comes time for them to move, you can make the transition easier by personalizing their own living space. Getting rid of their personal belongings can seem cold and heartless. Allow them to choose pieces that they would like to keep wSophia Helping Seniors Paintith them and offer to take care of any other valuables that they can’t have on hand. A cozy, warm and inviting environment can make the move smooth and comfortable for them.

Get Acclimated

While you don’t want to smother or hand-hold your loved ones after the move, you still want to make time for special visits. Allowing them time to get properly acclimated in the assisted living community gives them the opportunity to make new friends, enjoy classes and socialize.

Many of today’s facilities offer a host of activities to challenge the elderly both mentally and physically. To ensure that they’re being treated properly, you need to stay alert for signs of abuse. You can also make unexpected visits throughout the week to ensure that they’re receiving proper care and nutrition. You can also take inventory of the items in their room to help prevent theft.

It can be hard to find the right balance between safety and independent living. However, ensuring that your loved ones receive the proper care should be at the forefront of your mind. Allowing them to be a part of the transition through respect and open communication can make the process pleasant.

Veteran journalist Nicole Bailey-Covin understands well the plight of grown children taking on the role of parenting their parents, as she now assist her own aging parents. Devastating diseases like Dementia and stage of Alzheimer’s makes it so hard to watch other wise physically healthy parents struggle to take care of themselves. Nicole suggests families members support each other as they take the necessary steps to transition a loved one. Searching out online sites like http://www.chateauvestavia.com/birmingham-assisted-senior-living will give families guidance and information on what to look for in assisted living communities.  


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