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Energy Drinks and Alcohol: A Deadly Cocktail

Energy Drinks and Alcohol: A Deadly Cocktail

ALLPICS RED BULL Energy Drinks and Alcohol: A Deadly Cocktail

Energy Drinks And Alcohol: A Deadly Cocktail

The combination of energy drinks and alcohol was a trend that first started in Europe. As it spread toward the United States, it gained popularity with the younger generation. While the mixture of the two beverages is supposed to retain a heightened energy level throughout the evening in tandem with the soothing effects of alcohol, you’ll find the dangers to be significant.

Nervous System Distress

The stimulating effects of energy drinks combined with alcohol’s depressants can pose serious conflict within the human body. While it may deceptively provide an energetic boost, you’ll find the results of alcohol to be the same. The end result being that the alcohol intake of the body can surpass what is normal to consume. This can lead to poor decision making skills and alcohol poisoning. As the highs of the energy drink begin to subside, the effects of your alcohol consumption can appear strengthened more obvious.

Hosp_1011Cardiac Issues

Ginseng and Taurine are common stimulants found in many of today’s energy beverages. When mixed with alcohol, you’ll find the combination to contribute to a rapid heart rate, palpitations and high blood pressure. While the symptoms are typical when taking an energy drink alone, you’ll find that the combination of alcohol to significantly heighten the body’s cardiac health complications. This can be especially deadly for individuals who may already be experiencing health complications.

Impaired Decision

Alcohol alone can contribute to poor decision making skills, especially when consumed in large quantities. Unfortunately, college age students who combined both the energy drinks and alcohol were found to be twice as likely to become impaired. Poor decisions can include driving while intoxicated, sex with unknown partners and other life altering choices.

Energy Drinks, Alcohol and DUI

The primary concern with mixing energy drinks and alcohol is the deception that the beverages provide enough stimulation to handle everyday tasks such as driving. You may even think that you’ve become less impaired than what you’re actually feeling. If you think that you’re sober enough to get behind the wheel of a vehicle, you could be facing an accident with injuries, fatalities or the consequences of a DUI.

As expressed by a DUI lawyer San Bernardino residents rely on,”A DUI charge is a serious matter, and it can result in anything from jail time and a revoked license to job loss and fines.” The repercussions are endless. You could also injure or kill yourself or other innocent victims on the open roadway.

Dehydration and Hangovers

Both alcohol and energy drinks have been proven to cause dry mouth and dehydration. However, the effects of combining the two together can be severe, making the dehydration process quicker and more forceful. Since dehydration plays a key role in your level of a hangover, you could be feeling the after effects from the mixture at heightened levels.

The US Food and Drug Administration enacted a ban on alcoholic energy drinks to keep the public safe. However, many of today’s younger generation seem to be concocting their own versions of the beverages to retain that euphoric high. While it may help them achieve their ultimate goal, you’ll find the dangers to be extremely hazardous to your mental and physical state.

Nadine Swayne presents this article to warn those who imbibe in this dangerous concoction. While gathering material for this article online, she searched the words, DUI lawyer San Bernardino, and found the inside story on DUI and energy drink cocktails.

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