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Celebrities are People Too: The Unwanted Spotlight

Celebrities are People Too: The Unwanted Spotlight

ALLPICS CUFFED Celebrities are People Too: The Unwanted Spotlight

Celebrities are People Too: The Unwanted Spotlight

Although being a celebrity can sometimes provide insulation from dealing with serious legal issues, it does not remove the embarrassment of having a DUI arrest publicized around the world. However, this has not prevented a long list of celebrities from being arrested while driving under the influence, and some well-known stars have even made this mistake multiple times.

Five Notable Celebrity DUI Arrests

1. Randy Travis – On August 7, 2012, country superstar Randy Travis was arrested for a DUI after Texas police officers found him lying naked in the road near the scene of his crashed vehicle. According to the toxicology report, Travis’ blood alcohol content was 0.15, and this is almost double the legal limit. Officers had to lend Travis a pair of scrubs for him to make his way home afteallpics amanda bynes Celebrities are People Too: The Unwanted Spotlightr his release so that he would not violate public nudity laws.

2. Amanda Bynes – The former child star had a very difficult legal year in 2012 due to two DUI arrests. The first incident would have been embarrassing for anyone because Bynes ended up in custody as the result of hitting a police car in West Hollywood. Bynes went on to strike another vehicle less than a month later, but she vigorously protested against media reports that indicated she was drunk at the time of the second accident.

3. Thomas Gibson – The star of “Criminal Minds” was arrested for a DUI in 2013, and it was obvious that he was definitely not making good decisions due to the fact that he was caught attempting to drive in an area that had been closed off for a half marathon. Situations like this one help highlight the fact that no one is able to make wise decisions when they are legally intoxicated.

4. Sally Struthers – Many people are unaware that they can end up being arrested for a DUI even if they are not actually driving. This happened to Struthers in September 2012 when a Maine police officer found her sitting behind the wheel of a parked car after viewing a performance of the “9 to 5″ musical. In a situation like this one, it definitely would have been much better for Struthers to either try to sober up in the back seat or call a taxi to take her home.

5. Josh Brent – This NFL player was arrested in 2012 for driving under the influence and intoxication manslaughter due to the fact that one of his teammates died as a result of Brent’s negligence. The shocking case called attention to the fact that the NFL has a long history of DUIs and other alcohol-related problems, and it also caused members of the media to call upon the professional sporting organization to take a harder stance against drinking and driving.

6. Justin Beiber-  According to the blog of Steve Kellis, a Philadelphia DUI lawyer, the teen idol was arrested in January of 2014 for driving under the influence. Officers pulled him over and administered a field sobriety test. Since he is underage, he faces even stiffer penalties.

As you can see, no one is impervious to the risk of being arrested for a DUI. In fact, one of the former mayors of Trainer Borough, Pennsylvania, ended up resigning after being arrested for three DUIs. If you find yourself dealing with this legal situation, it is imperative to contact a local DUI attorney to help you build a solid defense.

Writer Melanie Fleury has seen many people close to her suffer when a loved one is arrested for a DUI. She searched the website of Steve Kellis to learn more about what options are available to those who find themselves in this type of situation.

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