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A London Photographer in the 21st Century

A London Photographer in the 21st Century

In today’s world, taking a photo requires no more than a 50$ device, probably even less. You can use your mobile phone, a webcam or maybe the device you use for listening music when running in the park. Actually I found out that my daughter’s toy can take real photos you can save on a mini-stick and import later on a computer.

LondonPhotograperAndrewSimpson A London Photographer in the 21st Century

50 years ago, being a photographer required a lot more technical knowledge for handling the camera and tweaking all the settings. Not taking into consideration photographic processing, which was more a mix of luck & trial and error learning.

Digital photography changed that forever. With the democratization of technology becoming more pregnant in the 90’s, many people thought the photographers are going to be the next victim on the list of forgotten professions (like milkman or scissor-grinder). I mean, who needs them anymore?

But is it taking a photo really all about clicking a button?

I found myself in the position of making the mistake of considering photography not an art practiced by devoted professionals,  but merely a process of acquiring random still images.

I went that further that I did not hire a photographer for my wedding (that was some more 15 years ago). I relied entirely on mine or my friends’ shootings.

As you can expect now, I have very few good images I can use now. You know, that kind of photo you put on your desk and 40 years later you can still feel every moment of happiness you lived.

When I visited London last year, I met the London Photographer Andrew Simpson from SimpsonShots. He showed me his portfolio.

I loved it, and we started a discussion about photography in modern days.  He taught me some of the basic principles of art photography and I’m a thankful for that.

Application of technology is just a minor part.  Cameras have comparable quality images today. Of course, if want to be a pro, you must go with the best technology.

Stay alert and think out of the box. Opportunities for photo that actually tell something to people are all around, but if you are not looking, or you are thinking in clichés, you’ll miss them.

Andrew is a passionate guy. And I learned from him that if you are not passionate about what you do, you can’t fake it.  Sure, it won’t be written on the photos – “made by a guy who is not loving his job”, but you can feel it. Your photos will be common and forgettable.

Of course, he is in total control of any tools and techniques used today. He uses a Canon 6D camera, tons of different lenses, remote controlled lighting  devices. He is also o pro of digital editing in Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom.  So don’t get me wrong, he is a modern photographer – it’s just that he’s more than his tools.

Andrew specializes in actor headshots, glamour, corporate headshots, events, family portraits and more. You can meet him in Willesden, near White City, but he shoots all over London on location. Actually, he is available to travel anywhere in the UK or even abroad.

Don’t make the same mistake as me. Choose the best for the moments that are important for you!

Author bio: Alex is blogger who writes about life and gadgets. Publishing mainly on his website,  Alex is also a contributor for other quality blogs where he shares his love and findings.


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