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5 Rules of Budget Wine Tasting in Virginia

5 Rules of Budget Wine Tasting in Virginia

A WINE TASTING 5 Rules of Budget Wine Tasting in Virginia

5 Rules of Budget Wine Tasting in Virginia

Not everyone is the type of person who would enjoy wine tastings, but for those who do, the mere idea of traveling through beautiful wine country is enough to bring a smile to their face. Many individuals feel as if they’d have to travel to France, Italy or other far off places to do this, but in reality, there are great wineries as close as Virginia. Even with this close proximity, however, it’s still important to take a few cost saving measures.


Choosing Wineries

Choosing which wineries to go to can be difficult, but scoping out these areas before heading to Virginia is imperative. What’s great is the fact that these tastings aren’t too expensive. Fridays on the Patio at the James River Cellars Winery, for instance, only costs $10. Saving money, however, is more about planning than finding great deals.

Those looking to visit Woodland Vineyard Farm Winery, Lake Anna Winery and Weston Farm Vineyard, for instance, would end up spending far too much money in transportation costs if they didn’t plan an economical route. Going to these vineyards out of order could actually add 50 additional miles to a trip.

It’s also advisable, if only planning on going to a couple of vineyards, to choose those that are close to each other. The New Kent Winery and Mattaponi Winery, for instance, are only a 17 minute drive from each other.

Other Ways to Save Money

There are  several ways, other than proper planning, that wine-loving individuals can save money on their tasting trips.

Check Websites: It would be hard to find a winery that didn’t have a website. Checking all of the aforementioned wineries for their prices can help an individual save a huge deal of money. This will let them know whether the price of a tasting is worth the additional transportation costs.

Look for Coupons: Checking out wine and wine tour related magazines in an area can yield great coupons and discounts for certain wineries. There are often even coupons kept in the front of hotel lobbies for guests.

Leave the Keys: It’s usually a good idea to leave the keys behind for wine tastings. Taking shuttles from hotels or even using professional wine tour services is ideal since those on wine tours will be drinking. The quickest way to ruin a wine tour is by ending up spending more money than you initially wanted to save by receiving traffic charges and needing an attorney for your defense.

Investigate Hotels: Some hotels in an area will actually offer free wine tasting tours for their guests in an attempt to drum up additional business. If not, some of these establishments may offer discounts for those purchasing a room and a wine tour package.

Wake up Early: Remember: it’s 5 o’clock somewhere. The earlier a person wakes up, the more tastings they can get into a day. This means less unnecessary travel between wineries and the hotel.

Wine tasting and wine tasting tours can be a blast for those who want to enjoy delicious drinks while seeing the beauty of nature. Luckily, it’s not necessary to break the bank to relish in one of these trips. By simply staying in the States and following a few cost-saving tips, just about anyone can have a taste of wine country.

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