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How to Spot and Treat Common Dog Diseases

How to Spot and Treat Common Dog Diseases

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It’s important for us, as dog owners, to ensure our pet is happy, well looked after and healthy; after all, they are our best friends! It can be difficult to discover that our dog is unwell, especially if there’s something we could have done to catch it sooner. Spotting common illnesses in dogs is easy when you know how, as our how to guide below proves.


Spotting the Symptoms

Our dogs can give us some big clues when they’re feeling ill, which should be fairly easy to notice if we know what to look out for. Here are some of the most seen symptoms for common dog diseases:

  • Not eating – We all know there is something not quite right with a dog that refuses to eat. If you haven’t changed food recently then it could be the symptom of an underlying medical condition. Try to take their food away if they don’t eat and putting it back down in a couple of hours. If this method doesn’t work within a day or two, then book an appointment with your vet.

  • Over eating – On the other hand, a dog that eats too much may be unwell too. If your pet is devouring their food and begging for more it could be worms, or perhaps something more serious. If your regular worming treatment isn’t working then have their symptoms investigated.

  • Scratching – If your dog is constantly scratching then there’s a good chance that he or she has got fleas. There are also other skin conditions that can cause your dog to scratch a lot, so make sure you get them checked out.

  • Not drinking – A dog that doesn’t drink could be putting themselves into serious danger, especially if they refuse to drink for longer than 24 hours. Keep an eye on your pet’s water consumption and how often you have to fill up their water bowl.

These are just some symptoms that you may notice in your dog; however, it is not an extensive list. If you’re unsure then you can always ask your vet for advice or use a symptom checker online.


Treating the Problem

If your pet has been experiencing the symptoms of illness then it is likely you will want to get him or her checked over by your vet. Make sure you explain all of the changes in behaviour to your vet during the appointment, so that they have a good picture of what is happening with your dog. It is likely that the vet will recommend various tests, such as blood tests or a scan, in order to get a proper diagnosis. When you know what the medical problem is, you will then be able to treat your animal. The vet will prescribe a medicine or treatment option; it is then down to you whether you wish to pay them for the treatment or buy prescriptions for dogs online on your vet’s recommendation. Online prescriptions can be cheaper, but you will need to be able to prove that the medicine you’re planning to buy is what your vet has suggested.

By spotting the symptoms early, and then getting the right treatment, your dog should be back to their happy and healthy self, in no time!


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