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Grosgrain Ribbon Craft: Back to School Flowers for Teacher

Grosgrain Ribbon Craft: Back to School Flowers for Teacher

If you ask a teacher what they need the most at the beginning of the school year, and what they run out of the quickest in the middle of the year, it is pencils and pens. Kids are always losing what they need to write! If you are looking for a way to make sure that you actually get your pens back after lending them out to students, then this is the perfect craft for you: a flower pen vase, lined with – you guessed it – pencils.

Ribbons Flowers Grosgrain Ribbon Craft: Back to School Flowers for Teacher

Before we make the flower pens, we will need somewhere to put them. The first thing you will want to get is a metal bucket. Squeeze a line of hot glue down each pencil, and press it against the outside wall of the bucket. It doesn’t really matter if the pencils are sharpened or not, or which way you glue them. Just line each one with glue, press it against the bucket, and repeat the process until the entire bucket is surrounded and lined with pencils.

To give your bucket some character, choose a pattern or color of grosgrain ribbon to tie around the bucket into a bow. To keep the bow from slipping, dab some hot glue onto the back of it before you wrap it around the bucket. If you want to secure the bow in place and from becoming undone, you can even dab a little glue on the bow as you tie it.

Next, fill the bucket with dried beans, leaving about an inch of space from the top for all of the flower pens. If you don’t want to use beans, you can also use small rocks or rice. Now for the pens. Depending on how many pens you want in your bucket, you will want a fake flower for each one. You can choose whatever flower you want, but just keep in mind that the bigger it is, the harder it will be for a student to forget to get it back to you. Simply line the pen and the stem of the flower up together, and wrap them together using floral tape. Make sure to spiral the tape evenly and in one direction, and go over it to add some cushion.

Stick the flowers into the vase, and don’t ever worry about having to water these flowers! If you plan on incorporating this bucket of flowers into your classroom, consider making new flowers depending on the season to help decorate your classroom throughout the year.


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