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5 Must Haves For A Wicked Skate Park

5 Must Haves For A Wicked Skate Park

Skate parks are the lifeblood of skateboard culture. While skateboard culture is alive and well in Los Angeles on streets and sidewalks, skate parks are where skateboarders push the limit of their skills and imagination.

A skate park open to the public is a breeding ground for the next generation of talented and innovative skateboarders. They are safe havens for developing new tricks and inovations that will continue to drive the sport of skateboarding. Skate parks in drained pools gave birth to some of the most talented skates today.

skate park 5 Must Haves For A Wicked Skate Park

Athletic Magic

The ability for one person to create athletic magic with a skateboard has created a colorful and adrenaline-filled culture. Skate parks are essential to keeping this culture alive. Skate parks are breeding grounds for hungry adolescents looking to prove themselves in the skate world.

A skate park is an athletic facility, catered specifically to skateboarders. A skate park is just as important as a stadium or a gymnasium to being a place of sports recreation. Skate parks also provide youths safe places to congregate and engage in physical activity, while showing off their skills to spectators.

For a skate park to be truly wicked, it should have the following must-haves:

  1. Good lighting
  2. Permanent concrete
  3. A minimum of 18,000 square feet
  4. Beginner to advanced areas for different skill-levels
  5. A street course

If a skate park manages to have all these features, then it is truly a wicked skate park. Good lighting is a must, so that spectators can clearly see all the exciting action. Concrete is the preferred material, so that the skate park requires little upkeep and provides a long-term recreation area for avid skateboarders.

Additionally, for a skate park to be large enough to be of use to advanced skateboarders, it should be a minimum of 18,000 feet. Otherwise, skateboarders are not able to fully utilize their skills in a smaller area. What’s the use of building a skate park if it’s too small be effective?

All-Inclusive Skate Park

Also, a wicked skate park should be all-inclusive. It should be an area where beginners can get their feet wet, and where expert skaters can hone and push their skills. They can also learn and teach one another, while forming a strong community for youth.

And, lastly, for the expert skaters, a course that emulates the street is a must. It should have stairs, ledges, and anything else that a skater would encounter in the street. Railings and other landings also provide unique opportunties for skates to grind and develop creative tricks.

It’s A Lifestyle

The lifestyle of a skater also includes meeting the urban landscape head on, and a skate park should provide a perfect training ground for how to handle those elements. These skate park training grounds will give birth to the next generation of skaters.

If a skate park has all these elements, then it serves as an amazing resource for skateboarders of all skill-levels. An all inclusive park can help the sport of skateboarding for generations to come.

Kellie Swaim is a marketing associate for Kryptonics, the leaders in skateboard and skateboard accessories, learn more at their website http://www.kryptonics.com/.

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