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Mosquitoes: The Bite Can Be Worse Than the Buzz

Mosquitoes: The Bite Can Be Worse Than the Buzz

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Mosquitoes: The Bite Can Be Worse Than the Buzz

Almost everyone agrees that mosquitoes are one of the most irritating aspects of warmer weather environments, but it is important to recognize the fact that these pests can actually be harmful. After all, there are two diseases that can be spread by infected mosquitoes that have been recently observed in the U.S.; the West Nile virus and La Crosse Encephalitis (LACV). Because of this, it is imperative for people to be aware of the danger that bites can present, especially in southeastern states such as Georgia that are prone to mosquito invasions.

The Dangers of the West Nile Virus

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it is likely that more than 300,000 people in the U.S. have become ill since 1999 due to a bite from a mosquito that was infected with West Nile virus. Tragically, approximately 1,200 people have died during this time frame, and an additional 13,000 have become seriously ill.

Research indicates that elderly individuals and those who have received an organ transplant are at the highest risk for experiencing severe complications. If you do contract this disease, you can expect to experience at least a couple of weeks of fatigue, fevers and aches, and some people will end up dealing with swelling of the brain. To prevent this problem, it is recommended to always utilize a mosquito repellent that contains picaridin, DEET, oil of lemon eucalyptus or IR3535.

Important FAQs About LaCrosse Encephalitis 144389397 efd06ca4cc 300x225 Mosquitoes: The Bite Can Be Worse Than the Buzz

LACV is transmitted via an infected mosquito, and this disease is most common in the southeast, mid-Atlantic and upper Midwest United States. In many cases, people who have contracted LACV will not have any noticeable symptoms.

However, individuals who do become ill from exposure will typically experience tiredness, fever, vomiting, headache and nausea. Severe cases can include the development of neural invasive disease, coma, seizures and paralysis.
LACV is most dangerous for children under the age of 16, and it can lead to death or long-term disability in rare cases. For example, an eight-year-old from North Carolina died in 2011 from encephalitis after a mosquito bite.

Tips for Making Your Lawn Safer During Mosquito Season

There are several techniques that you can utilize to reduce the number of mosquitoes in your lawn. One of the best ways to ensure high-quality results is to retain the services of a professional lawn company. In states like Georgia, hiring a company, such as Arbor 2455643911 7fd6729a80 n 199x300 Mosquitoes: The Bite Can Be Worse Than the BuzzNomics Turf, Inc., can prove to be a huge help because they are well versed in the variety of mosquitoes in that particular region. In addition, lawn care professionals will be properly equipped to take care of various issues in your lawn that attract mosquitoes, and they will also have the necessary experience to know which methods will work best for your property.

Additionally, remove all standing water, like bird baths and rain bins. Also, make sure that you fill in any areas that tend to collect rainwater. The standing water spots in each of these examples will become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. It is also a good idea to consider using citronella candles whenever you spend time outside in the evening.

Due to the danger that is presented by a mosquito infestation, it is imperative for every homeowner to take steps to reduce the likelihood that they will be exposed to the West Nile virus or LACV. The time, energy, and money you invest in defending your family this summer will definitely be more affordable than dealing with exorbitant medical expenses as a result of being bitten by an infected pest.

Jamica Bell is a Georgia native and freelance writer. Like her Peach State neighbors, she spends each summer trying to protect her family against the dreaded mosquito. During her research, she discovered inexpensive options to tackle the problem, like using mosquito treatments from Arbor Nomics Turf, Inc., along with other natural solutions. Her goal is to enjoy the outdoors and be mosquito free this summer.
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