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Great Expectations: Discovering Your Baby’s Hidden Talents

Great Expectations: Discovering Your Baby’s Hidden Talents


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It’s a fact: your child is wonderful. In fact, according to you, she’s the smartest, best looking, and most talented child in the entire universe. While this may be true in some respects, identifying what your baby enjoys doing and her specific talents is actually a great way to get her started down the right path toward full intellectual and creative fulfillment. By paying attention to the skills she learns and grasps first, you can start identifying what her personality is like, as well as the kind of aptitude she has for talents such as math or music.

Scouting and Cultivating Your Child’s Talents

According to author Daniel Coyle, author of the bestselling book, The Talent Code, parents need to recognize that talent is not a product of nature, but rather of nurture. When you identify, encourage, and nurture your child’s gifts they naturally gravitate towards them. Ideally, you want to foster a habit of learning and exploration in your children from a very early age. In doing so, you can gently push your children to discover what they truly enjoy doing, as well as encouraging them to branch out and discover new things about themselves.

1) Give children a variety of toys to discover.

Getting your baby’s learning off the ground is easy with the right interaction and stimuli. During your child’s first three years of life, they’re like little sponges — hungry for information and a desire to make sense of the world around them. Provide them with interactive toddlers toys with lights, sounds, and moving parts to engage and maintain their interest and stir their imagination. Check out task-specific toys and games that can encourage your baby’s brain to function at a higher level.7176251676 b8a1d2549d n 300x224 Great Expectations: Discovering Your Babys Hidden Talents

2) Watch for signs of inspiration and ignition.

Don’t just watch your child–tune into him. Monitor and make note of the activities that he really likes. For example, your child may start separating toys by shape or color, or even try stacking them in imaginative ways at a very early age. Is he just banging on the keys of the piano in your living room or is he trying to play the piano?

Is his beating out rhythms on table tops and chairs just noise or is there some music in there, too? Are her crayola-scribblings inspired, even visionary? You don’t have to be a tiger-mom or a helicopter mom to encourage your child. Just be gentle, enthusiastic, and tuned in.

3) Encourage repetition and practice.

Children love repetition, so introducing and routinizing new activities should be a breeze. If you notice that your baby loves listening to music, try to encourage them to clap or pound out a rhythm in time. Speak to your baby in a way they will learn to understand.

For example, counting blocks, repeatedly saying the color of a toy, or showing them how to use their hands to draw are all good ways 6774634375 ff5b6f1e72 n 260x300 Great Expectations: Discovering Your Babys Hidden Talentsto stimulate your child’s creativity. The more you engage in repetition with your baby, the more quickly they’ll learn.

4) Buy into their passion.

When you begin to recognize your child’s gifts and talents, shop accordingly. Buy books, games, and toys that directly connect with his gifts. Is your child bilingual? Then buy bilingual audiobooks.  If you’re hoping to groom a budding rock star, look for toys that teach counting and music, and encourage them to play with them more often than other playthings.

It’s important that you never appear to be forcing the child to do something they don’t want to do. Engaging learning this way will reinforce negativity towards something they were learning to love. Introduce new items, and then let them discover more on their own.

Babies come in all shapes and sizes, as well as mental capacities. Even if you’re hoping to raise the next Einstein, your child may not want to go that way. Look for what trips your kid’s aesthetic light switch, then help them to shine at their own pace and on their own terms. You’ll get maximum impact and they’ll learn to love their new skills for a lifetime.

Writer LaGeris Underwood Bell celebrates all of the prodigies, Impresarios, and just plain wonderful children we are each privileged to shepherd through this world. She encourages parents with little ones to shop for toddlers toys that will help set them on the path to self-discovery, fulfillment, and joy.


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