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Drowsy Drivers: A Clear and Present Danger

Drowsy Drivers: A Clear and Present Danger

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Drowsy Drivers: A Clear and Present Danger

There are many campaigns focused on the perils of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. What we may not realize is driving while drowsy results in the same dangerous consequences. Many adults do not get enough sleep at night and are obligated to drive to work the next morning.
Similarly, people who work at night are fatigued by the time they drive home the next day. Then, there is the group of drivers who get eight hours of sleep but still do not feel rested because of undetected sleep disorders. Whatever the reason for the sleep deprivation, all of these drivers face the same struggle of staying awake behind the wheel.Driving while drowsy is “completely unacceptable,” according to an AAA Foundation survey. Nonetheless, 41 percent of respondents to the foundation’s 2012 Traffic Safety Culture Index survey said that they had fallen asleep while driving at some point in their life. Respondents to the foundation’s study said they either felt “slightly drowsy” or “not at all drowsy” before they crashed their vehicle. This shows how easy it is for motorist to fall asleep.
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Fatal Case of Driving While Drowsy

There are far too many instances of drowsy drivers and the high risk they take when behind the wheel. For example, in April 2013, a 19-year-old, active-duty U.S. Marine was driving a military Humvee in San Bernardino County, California, when he reportedly fell asleep.
The Humvee, which was heading eastbound on Highway 62, drifted over the highway and into the westbound lanes where it struck a Ford Focus driven by 26-year-old Kristin Thrawl, of Yucca Valley. Sadly,she died from injuries sustained from the crash.
Unfortunately, San Bernardino car accident lawyer groups and law enforcement agencies have seen this tragic scene played out all too many times. The need to highlight this dangerous trend and bring awareness to motorist across the country is vital.Warning! Danger Ahead

According to the National Sleep Foundation, there are warning signs which let drivers know that they need to stop driving. In recognizing these signs, drivers can avoid the risk of potential danger.
They include the following:• Yawning repeatedly
• Missing exits or traffic signs
• Difficulty keeping eyes open
• Swerving, drifting into other lanes
• Difficulty avoiding daydreams and reveries

4748525779 f42fe8360f n 300x198 Drowsy Drivers: A Clear and Present DangerWhat to do to prevent sleepiness

There are steps drivers can take to make sure that they stay alert:

  • Sing along with music on your radio, CD or mp3 player. Singing will keep your mind alert.
  • Get a good night’s sleep .
  • Ask someone to help you drive
  • Pull into a rest stop and take a nap if you are on a long trip.
  • Do not drink alcohol or take medication before getting behind the wheel. Alcohol makes you sleepy while some medication has drowsiness as a side effect.
  • Drink coffee or other caffeinated products to get a short-term boost.
  • Do not drive during the times that you are normally asleep. While on a road trip, do not drive at night if you normally sleep at night.

Driving while drowsy is a challenge to all drivers who, inevitably, will face the problem at some point in their life, especially on long road trips. The most important thing for you to remember is to stay alert. This may save your life and prevent you from unintentionally taking someone the life of someone else.

Jamica Bell is a freelance writer and concerned driver. Her shock of witnessing a motorist in a nearby car fall asleep at a red light inspired her to write this article. During her research, the information she found on a San Bernardino car accident lawyer was very helpful in confirming just how important it is to get the word out about the clear and present danger of drowsy drivers.
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