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Creating a Good First Impression in Your Reception Area

Creating a Good First Impression in Your Reception Area

One of the most important areas of a business is the reception which is why it’s crucial to create a welcoming and professional looking space. The reception is the first impression visitors and guests have of your company and the image you want to put across to them. It’s important this is a good one so that anyone who visits your business premises is reassured they are dealing with a true professional and welcomed by a friendly face behind a strategically positioned reception desk.

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Creating a good first impression in your reception area is essential

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Keeping the Entrance Immaculate Looking

It’s really important to keep the entrance looking immaculate which can be challenging if you have the wrong type of carpet or flooring. The last thing you want is for cleaners to be present throughout the day making sure the entrance is spotless and you don’t want receptionists having to carry out this task either. One of the easiest solutions to the problem is to have hard wearing, easy to clean matting laid down in the entrance area making sure you choose a colour that won’t show every speck of dirt that’s trodden in during the course of the day.

Choosing the Right Style Reception Desk

You need to choose your reception desk carefully so that it not only fits in with your company image, but you need to provide your receptionists with a desk that can be equipped with all the right office equipment they need to carry out their daily tasks efficiently. Whether you run a small, medium or larger business, there’s a suitable design to suit a company image and which will positively impact everyone who visits your premises.

A well planned reception area offers visitors a welcoming environment

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Choosing the Right Seating for Your Reception Area

A reception area needs to be a welcoming environment and one in which employees; visitors as well as guests feel comfortable spending any time it whether it’s only a brief moment or a little longer. You need to put across a professional image but at the same time you have to create an area where visitors can sit quietly waiting to go into a meeting. The seating you choose in a reception area has to be comfortable, allowing visitors and guests to wait in a relaxing and welcoming environment and where they can work should they want to.

Choosing the appropriate seating in a reception area shows visitors and guests they are being well looked after which is a crucial part of making a good impression.

There’s a great selection of seating to choose from at online stores such as There are smaller sofas to strategically place in a reception or a few designer chairs for visitors to use whilst waiting to go into their meetings.

The All Important Lighting

It goes without saying that lighting is an all important factor in a well-planned reception area. The area has to be very well lit for both the staff to work in and guests to feel comfortable in whilst waiting to go into a meeting. This means overhead lighting is crucial even if there are lamps dotted around a reception area which may add a nice feel to the space but not enough lighting for visitors to work in should they want to whilst waiting to go into their meetings.


Investing in a well-planned reception area offers you the opportunity to create a space that says a lot about your business and how professionally you run it. Visitors and guests will have a good first impression as soon as they walk through the front door which is the sort of impact you need to create. A well designed reception desk should offer receptionists a comfortable workstation with all the necessary office equipment they need to carry out their tasks whilst at the same time impacting clients and visitors in a positive way.


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