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Toys For Adults That Have A Need For More Playtime

Toys For Adults That Have A Need For More Playtime

Think back to when you were a kid. What were some of your favorite toys? Maybe it was a pogo stick! Perhaps it was something as simple as a couple of old pots and pans you could bang your frustrations out on. How did those toys make you feel? Maybe your memories of playing on your pogo stick make you think about long, hot summer days that went on forever! It was difficult to come back home for supper when you were having so much fun.

Fast forward to today and you will find many adults who have forgotten how to have fun. The world has gotten so bogged down with work and family responsibilities that people have forgotten how to let themselves relax. It’s as if taking a few moments of everyday to laugh or just be in the present moment will cause you to miss an important deadline. Playtime, even for adults, is an important part of good health. One of the benefits of play for adults is to relieve stress. It can literally add more years to your lives. Here are some tips that can help you to find more playtime activities that will bring out the kid in you.


Remember that strange molding clay in bright colors you could play with for hours at a time? Play-doh is a great toy for adults who need to take a quick fifteen minute break to regain their sanity. You can buy it at virtually any children’s toy store, or even some dollar stores. You can buy one can, or indulge and buy several in different colors. Allow your mind to relax and mold the clay into the first thing that comes to your mind. Don’t judge what you make in the end as this destroys the purpose of play. Allow your creativity to take over and go wherever your imagination allows you to go.

Slot Cars

If you loved fast race cars as a child, then slot cars will be right up your alley. Slot cars are basically miniature vehicles that are often modeled after real cars. The cars are connected to an electric track with several slots that allow them to move using remote controls. It can be great fun for people who like to collect miniature cars and enjoy the thrill of racing them. One popular brand of slot cars popular among adults are Ninco slot cars. With the variety of slot cars to pick from, whether you prefer an Indy car or a vintage camouflage car, you’re sure to find a slot car that suits your personal taste.

Crayons and colored pencils

Coloring is great fun for people who love to play with color. You can buy yourself a sketch pad at a drug or stationery store along with a set of crayons and/or colored pencils. Draw whatever comes to your mind, or try and draw a scene that inspires you on the street. Perhaps a bouquet of flowers, a plate of beautiful food, or children playing in the park will inspire your drawing. Again, the finished result doesn’t have to be perfect. It simply needs to allow your mind to relax itself enough so that you can think freely.

So as you can see, playing with toys is not only for kids anymore. Adults can bring plenty of hours of fun back into their lives if they are willing to take a chance and rediscover that part of themselves again.

Mike is an advice counselor who has always helped relieve the stress that adults go through every day by giving them some extra remedies to do so.

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