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Easy Ways To De-Clutter Your Desk

Easy Ways To De-Clutter Your Desk

De-cluttering your desk may not be top of your list of fun things to do, but you would be surprised at what a difference it could make to your productivity. Having a messy, cluttered desk can physically hinder your working progress (by stopping you from finding that crucial document), and it can also have a negative impact on your state of mind too; by organising your workspace, you will feel a lot clearer and more focused.

cluttered desk Easy Ways To De Clutter Your Desk


The first step to a de-cluttered desk is to go through all those piles of paper that you have accumulated over the months. It is inevitable that there will be documents you no longer have a need for, but it is important that you dispose of them in a responsible manner. Any papers with confidential information should be shredded rather than binned to prevent any possibility of identity theft or fraud.

Once you have disposed of documents you do not need, you can think about organising the ones you do. For items that are needed but not regularly accessed, you could see if your company uses an offsite document storage company and put these files into archives. For essential pieces of paper, create a filing system on your desk to ensure easy access.

Clean desk policy

Some businesses enforce a clean desk policy, but for others that don’t it can still be worth enforcing the rule on yourself. A clean desk policy means that your desk tidied at the end of every working day. This may sound impossible, but five minutes will be all you need to get your workspace in order. Then every morning you will come into to a perfectly organised desk, leaving you in a great frame of mind for productivity.

Organise your cables

Under nearly every desk is a multitude of cables, from computers, to phones and other pieces of hardware. But not only does this look unsightly, it is a potential fire hazard as well. There are many ways you can organise your cables, but the easiest is to pop to IKEA and take a look at their range of cable management accessories. Options include cable trunkers and cable reel, which will both help solve your cable problem. And if there is no way to hide your cables, try displaying them in a creative way instead!

Invest in shelving

This may not be an option for everyone, particularly if you are in an open plan office, but if you do have the chance it could be worth investing in some more shelves for your desk. Shelves are a great way to organise your workspace, and you do not have to just hang them on the wall either. Choose a shelving unit which can fit on top of your desk, and add some file storage boxes and folders to keep everything neat. You can even add photos of your friends and family to give it a personal touch!

Get some office space savers

Shelves are not the only way you can save space: cups for your pencils, letter trays and other accessories can all play a key part in de-cluttering your space. But once you have installed these at your desk make sure you get in the habit of using them- there is no point sitting next to an empty pencil holder or a letter tray with nothing in it!

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