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5 Steps For Packing Mirrors And Frames

5 Steps For Packing Mirrors And Frames

It can be nerve-wracking to prepare things for storage or moving. For one, you need to prepare all the supplies you need, and then you have to pack each item properly in order to avoid damage. Another challenge concerns packing mirrors, picture frames or artwork. These don’t usually go inside regular square boxes. You have to use a different approach in order to properly protect such pieces from damage or from breakage.

packing mirrors frames 5 Steps For Packing Mirrors And Frames

How to Pack Mirrors or Frames

Whether you are packing a mirror, a big picture frame, or an artwork, you will find these five steps helpful.

1. Buy a mirror box.

A mirror box can be used to pack fragile, rectangular items. The advantage of this kind of box over a regular box is that it can be adjusted easily so that it will perfectly fit the item that’s being packed. You can use a tape to secure each corner of the box according to the dimensions of the mirror or frame.

2. Tape an “X”.

If you are packing a mirror, tape an “X” over it using a masking tape. Just in case the item is dropped and the mirror shatters into pieces, the tape will help hold the sharp shards in place. So, it protects you from dangerous debris when you open it up.

3. Cushion the item.

Mirrors and picture frames, as well as some artwork, have glass that can easily break. Therefore, anything that is made of glass or partially made of such fragile material should be suitably cushioned. Use soft linen or towels, bubble wrap, cardboard, newspaper or foam peanuts. But before wrapping, be sure to carefully wipe down the glass or mirror because small debris trapped in between the item and the wrapping material can scratch the surface. Carefully secure or tape the protective covering so that it won’t become undone during transport or handling.

If you want to further protect the breakable item, place cardboard protectors on the edges. You can buy these or use old boxes. Just make sure to tape these on the corners or you can even place cardboard around the entire thing.

4. Properly label the mirror box.

Once you have placed the cushioned item in the box, tape it close. Don’t forget to label it. Mark the box with the word “Fragile” on every side so that anyone who is handling it will know that it contains a breakable item. You can also classify the box as “Fragile – Mirror” or “Fragile – Glass” so that you and the movers will know what the box contains.

5. Position the box on its side.

When loading breakable mirrors or glass inside a moving truck, you should let them stand on their side. Mirror or glass, even though it is properly cushioned or protected, is still likely to break if you lay it down and stack boxes on it. Keep in mind that the pressure of the heavy boxes can easily break the flimsy item underneath. Also, to keep the box from moving during transport, secure it with a rope or a rubber strap. You can also wedge it in between very sturdy boxes.

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