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5 Of The Worlds Weirdest Taxis

5 Of The Worlds Weirdest Taxis

The world of taxis is not reserved for four door Japanese saloons anymore. In fact, if you keep an eye out and travel enough you’ll see some of the most unlikely autos used as taxis – and they’re not always cars either.

From airplanes, to boats, to luxury autos and sports cars – the world of the cab is not renowned for the practical alone and there’s a lot more to it than you may ever even perceive.

weird taxi 5 Of The Worlds Weirdest Taxis

Air Taxi

As we’ve previously mentioned, not all taxis are on four wheels alone. Travellers in Florida can take their trip via a Yellow Air Taxi – a Cessna 402 airplane. The taxi is easily recognisable as one thanks to its New York style yellow with black check regalia. The flights are three round trips a day and the Cessna can seat nine on the 45 minute trip which costs $99.


Russia has a whole array of luxury taxis, which tend to sort the wealthy from the rest of the population. The luxury taxis are seen across the city and everything from a Porsche Cayenne 4×4 to an out of this world expensive Maybach are used in the capital for trips. We imagine the fare is higher than the still regularly spotted Lada taxis, but if you’re looking for a treat, or someone accustomed to the luxury of an oligarch, this is the way to travel.

3- Wheeled Taxi

The three wheeled taxi, known as the Coco is seen across the communist state of Cuba. The little rickshaw like vehicles has two seats and three wheels. The body is an egg shape and made solely from fibre glass. The little taxis are powered by a 75cc engine, which you’ll know from its loud, high pitched lawnmower like whirr. The 3 wheelers cost less than regular taxis and get their name from the fact their look like a coconut – the item from which their title is derived.

Water Taxi

The water taxi is a fast and comfortable way to travel from one point to another and a lot of cities nowadays offer a hop-on and hop-off service. The routes are often the quickest ways between two points thanks to the business of the streets in many cities. In New York and London, the local authorities provide a catamaran like public service. While in cities with an array of waterways, such as Bangkok or Venice, they’re a central way to travel.


Of course, if you want to be a little more ostentatious than the rest, the best way to travel is by Hummer. The monstrous 4×4 provides all the power and grip you’ll ever need for travelling over all sorts of rough, tough and mountainous and you don’t have to directly foot the fuel bill either – a double positive. If you’re an environmentalist than the Coco taxi may be more your thing thanks to its diminutive moped engine.

It’s a strange world out there and the taxis that people use are as different as the countries, nations and beliefs of their people.

Julian Aral has written for a variety of websites. He is an auto and business journalist and has written for a number of websites in both areas. He loves tech and sports and has driven taxis for a number of years. In his time he used a number of car leasing companies including and now works in media.

Photo Credit: Henri Bergius


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