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What is Traditional Art? 5 Things to Know

What is Traditional Art? 5 Things to Know

allpics art show What is Traditional Art? 5 Things to Know

What is Traditional Art? 5 Things to Know

Collecting art can be an enriching experience that will expose you to the views and lifestyle of artists worldwide. Although it is not necessary to stick with just one style of art, many collectors choose to place a major emphasis on the traditional style. In fact, a trip to most art museums will introduce you to a wider selection of traditional pieces than any other style. Due to this, traditional art is able to maintain a stronghold in the art industry, and it can be a good choice for collectors who hope to sell their pieces in the future.

Things to Be Aware of

1. It Can Take on Many Different Forms – Many people assume that traditional art showcases landscapes and people, but this is not necessarily the case. Instead, traditional art is defined as a specific set of knowledge and skills that belongs to a particular cultural group of people who passed it down for many generations from master craftsman to their apprentices. Traditional art is a label for anything that one of these artists creates with their hands, including sculpture, printmaking and painting. A search for traditional art for sale will show you just how diverse this genre can be.

2. Traditional Art Captures Part of the Artist’s Cultural Heritage – One of the main reasons that traditional art is considered to be so culturally significant is that it contains references to important traditions that belong to a specific group of people. For example, traditional European art includes architecture, sculpture and oil paintings that reflect important aspects of European culture.

3. The Importance of Traditional Art Symbols – Most traditional artists utilize symbols that help them depict stories or native myths. This enables the artist to reference current or historical aspects of their culture, and they can do so in a less obvious manner by taking advantage of symbolism.

4. Each Culture has its Own Painting Traditions – European painters typically use acrylics and oils to bring their vision to life. However, this is not the case in many other cultures. For example, Asian painters commonly use silk and rice paper when they are painting a traditional piece.

5. Traditional Artists Embrace Realism – One of the original purposes of creating traditional art was to serve as a method for documenting important stories and people. Because of this, these artists needed to create pieces that were as realistic as possible so that the viewer could learn about historic events and major figures that had a big impact on a specific culture and time period. The original traditional artists had to use their skill to capture a wide variety of events because they could not rely on inventions that came later such as cameras to record these moments for posterity.

Because each culture throughout history has had access to different materials and colors, it is common for traditional artists from a specific region to rely more heavily on certain color schemes. In fact, this helps art historians determine which time period and cultural group a specific piece belongs to. Fortunately, traditional art pieces and prints can easily be obtained by visiting an online artwork store. Therefore, whether you are trying to embrace part of your cultural heritage or simply liven up your home, traditional art is definitely a great choice.

Writer Melanie Fleury has several pieces of traditional artwork in her home. From her husband’s native Haiti, to her own country of South Korea, the art represents the rich heritage in her family. Finding traditional art for sale is made easier by online companies like who offer quality pieces at affordable prices.

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