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Rare And Crazy Rings

Rare And Crazy Rings

Beautiful jewelry, like many things, is a matter of personal taste. While some designers (and customers) go for a traditional or classy look –like a diamond ring– others go for the downright outrageous. This article proves anything can be made into a ring. Who actually buys one of these rings will depend on the person viewing it.

Rings have been fashioned some odd things such as: working guns, bubble blowers, bottle openers, embossing stamps, blinking eyeball rings, lighter rings and stamp rings that leave imprints on the skin of the wearers finger.Other crazy rings have been fashioned into buildings, Venus fly traps, gears, nut and bolt wedding rings.

While many of these rings have been fashioned from metals, other items used include paper money, wood, and even tattoo’s made into skin rings.

Included are links to a few rare, crazy rings that we found while researching this project.

For the tea and coffee lover,”we think its a sandwich”, beer, drink, melon, desserts, flower petals, chip and dip, a pumpkin cookie?, gravy, foods and omg, what is it! we found these rings:

While these rings are toned down a bit, you have to be a fan to wear one:

Even techies have gotten into the jewelry making business. Check out the java/sun ring for sale on one of our favorite sites.

Animals have also made their mark on the jewelry world. Take a look at some of the animal rings that we found:,,,

Here is a ring for the gothic fan or Halloween junkie(again, crazy is in the eye of the beholder):

We just had to throw this wicked one in though if we expanded our subject category we could write an entire book:

Can we hear from someone with receiving experience on this one?


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