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Logo – illustration of your company Image

Logo – illustration of your company Image

Why do we need a Logo?

A logo is primary explanation of any company’s image, which helps to understand any company’s purpose with symbolic style. A very important identity for any company is the Logo.

The main question is; what is important reason to have logo for any company? And that can be explained with simple answer, an attractively designed logo helps to gain more attention from people and put everlasting effect on their mind. If you take a look on some great company logos like Nike, Coca-Cola or Google, their logo attracts people to use their products. There are so many other examples that you normally see every day in your life, and there is no doubt about any company should have a very simple and attractive logo to create good image among people.

A company can use this identity logo in their big advertising or promotions. In addition they can also use it as Website design or business card for company identity.

 bn 300x122 Logo   illustration of your company Image

How to create Logo?

Here some simple things which you should not forget in Logo Design. Sometime people over think about logo and create awful logos. But you should….

1. Keep it Simple!

A reason behind make it simple is, logos are not for show off your designing skill but logos should be created for presentation sense. Sometime logos don’t need any brand name or captions for identity. They are not using any name or single word on logo but we are still not confused about brand name. As complicated design of any logo is hard to identify and understand for audience, it’s better to have simple design.

2. Make Unique Design

It’s very obvious, if you want to make unique identity you need to make some unique design. If we take example of Apple’s logo design, just think, is apple unique design? I think “no”. But now take bite of it. Now it makes it different from others with simplicity. In my opinion creating a unique Logo Design shows ability of your creative thinking.

3. Make it Meaningful

Every Logo should be meaningful to understand. I mean by “meaningful” word every logo should have significant style to present company’s purpose. Logo must be perfectly well design with good pattern of tag line to make easy to understand for audience. Let’s take example of Toyota. In their symbols there are 3 ovals which make ‘T’. According to them these three ovals has own meaning. Center oval is there for represent the trust between Toyota and customers and other two represent the company’s infinite strength and global plans to reach whole world. These three ovals fitted on one circle which represent steering wheel, its obvious steering wheel is symbol for cars.

4. Don’t take easy on Color

Colors are very essential to create good visual effect on mind. Normally every company takes easy in case of color selection. They shouldn’t forget color have strength to create strong effect on emotions. Generally company should choose color on their target type of customers. They should also understand about age, culture or gender of their audience, and put all this stats and type in their creative thinking to make more powerful Logo Design

5. Don’t Forget about Typography

There are millions types of fonts out there and it quite obvious it’s hard to choose which one perfect to us. But when it comes on any company logo’s font it must be unique. Sometime Custom manually made font is way better than any brilliant fonts which are easy to get from font sources. And this type of custom fonts is easier to identify than any other font which are commonly used.


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