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Center Stage! How to Showcase Your Valuable Artwork

Center Stage! How to Showcase Your Valuable Artwork

ALLPICS ARTWORKS Center Stage! How to Showcase Your Valuable Artwork

Center Stage! How to Showcase Your Valuable Artwork

Interior design is the art of making the inside of your home look grand. When you are working on decorating your home, one of your major concerns will be on how to display your valuable art.

You have gone to great lengths to purchase or preserve this artwork; it deserves a place of honor on your walls. However, you’ll want to display your art in a manner that is both complimentary to your home’s interior and to the artwork itself.

3 Great Ideas To Display Artwork In Your Home

 Select the Best Frame

Even if your artwork is currently framed, you can opt to have the piece placed in a new frame that best compliments your room.

Purchasing a quality frame is critical. They can be found in higher-end retail framing shops, or on the internet. Companies like Artismo provide handcrafted frames in many different styles. Art Studio room, mirror frames, art, paintings, Arcelia Barbero Gomez's home, Mexique, Zona Centro, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Feeling bold, or really want the piece to stand out in the room? Select a frame that contrasts with the room’s finish. This will make the artwork become the center piece of the room.

If this is an older piece of artwork, while you have it out of the frame, take the opportunity to have the piece professionally cleaned or restored.

Highlight with Lighting

It’s always been a common practice to install lighting to showcase a special piece of artwork in the home. Creative lighting will not only enhance the beauty of the artwork, it will also set a mood for the room.

Make sure, however, that you are careful with how you place the lighting to reflect on the painting. While you do want it to enhance the beauty of the work, you do not want it to cause damage. Oil paintings can fade over time when exposed to harsh lighting, so make sure you light the piece with soft, indirect light.

Sunlight may have a detrimental effect on your art over time. You should always refrain from placing a painting in front of direct sunlight.

Complimentary Accessories

One of the easiest ways to make your favorite piece of artwork stand out is to use complimenting accessories in the room. For example, if your painting is of flowers, why not add items such as throw pillows with similar floral patterns to your sitting area. You can be very creative in this manner.

This also allows you to change the appearance of the room easily without having to change your painting.

There are other little things that you can do that will help showcase your artwork. If the piece is from a famous artist, why not place a book about the artist on a coffee table or on a shelf near the painting. You may also want to have a small plaque inscribed with relevant information about the painting that all can read.

To preserve the artwork, make sure that you avoid heating and cooling vents and that you place it out of reach of little hands. If you live in an area where there is a lot of dust, consider adding a glass cover to the artwork so that it will remain in perfect condition.

Using artwork to decorate your home is an age-old tradition. Displaying it in a manner that compliments your home and your tastes is quite easy, especially when you use these easy suggestions.

Nadine Swayne is a freelance writer who has often redecorated for family and friends. Artismo provides quality framed artwork perfect for enhancing the design of any home.

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