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7 Zaniest Golden Globes 2013 Shoe Fashions

7 Zaniest Golden Globes 2013 Shoe Fashions

The Golden Globes this year yielded some pretty glamorous fashions: fishtail hems, deep slits and gauzy transparency, but the finishing touch to any outfit is a good shoe. Ahem, in our case, the crazy shoe!

7.  Freida Pinto’s Turqouise Peep-Toe Stilettos

The color on these shoes was bold and it matched the outfit perfectly, a bit too well actually. The lonely spike detail on the heel is odd and their satin finish just screams bridesmaid to a biker wedding.

sandals 7 Zaniest Golden Globes 2013 Shoe Fashions

6.  Nina Dobrev’s Sparkling Party Baskets

These sandals are apparently Jimmy Choos but really we see no reason to choose these shoes. They are swirly glorified Art-Deco bread baskets, not footwear. Or at least, Nina, wear them with something sleeker, maybe a dress whose hem hasn’t been tragically mauled by bears?

sandals1 7 Zaniest Golden Globes 2013 Shoe Fashions

5. Katharine McPhee’s Disappearing Footwear

Katharine McPhee’s sandals are a mystery to us: is that lonely clear plastic strap welded to her toes by magic? It’s a shoe-lusion. For a slit dress, the shoes ought to be more dramatic after all they are in the limelight. Spice it up a bit, it’s a party after all.

sandals2 7 Zaniest Golden Globes 2013 Shoe Fashions

4.  Julianne Hough’s Strappy “Bastille” Sandals

Although slightly quirky, this unconventional pair of Jerome G. Rousseau nude patent leather and glittery overlay sandals work well with Hough’s fitted powder pink dress.  Too bad the hem was too long for us to admire their slender strappy architecture from up close.

sandals3 7 Zaniest Golden Globes 2013 Shoe Fashions

3. Zooey Deschannel’s Red Bridesmaid’s Satin Slingbacks

Maybe Zooey, the practical girl that she is, just wanted something that’s both comfortable and stylish. Alas, this didn’t turn out as expected. These Casadei bow platform sandals look washed out and cheap as if they were fished out of a tacky bargain bin of an eighties vintage store – which is a shame because Zooey nailed her red Dior princess gown to a T.

sandals4 7 Zaniest Golden Globes 2013 Shoe Fashions

2. Naomi Watts’ Sandal Bats

Granted these were not her red carpet shoes, she wore them at the Golden Globes kickoff cocktail, but we are fairly certain they belong upside down in a cave. Her Rupert Sanderson sandals look fine from the sides: black, graceful, lacy, but when viewed from above they are one thread away from the Batman sign over Gotham.

sandals5 7 Zaniest Golden Globes 2013 Shoe Fashions

1. Marianne Cotillard’s Orange Crush Dior Pumps

Cotillard is always such a pleasant and wacky surprise. She trotted out this gutsy orange Dior number pairing them with a stunning red belted sheath. The heel is unconventional, the snakeskin design adds a charming detail to an otherwise simple dress, yet the effect is total va-va-voom!

sandals6 7 Zaniest Golden Globes 2013 Shoe Fashions


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