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Wrongful Death: How To Cope Over The Holidays

Wrongful Death: How To Cope Over The Holidays

XMAS BALLS Wrongful Death: How To Cope Over The Holidays

Wrongful Death: How to Cope Over the Holidays

The holidays are a time for family, traditions and being together with those you love. Your grief and sorrow may even deepen at this particular time of year. Dealing with the loss of a loved one due to a wrongful death circumstance can be especially hard throughout the holidays. Instead of giving in to your sadness and depression, you’ll find the following tips helpful in taking charge of your life.

Start New Traditions

The first holiday after a loved one’s death can be especially difficult, and you may be left to deal with ornaments and stockings with their name on them. They may have even had a special place at the family table, and you may feel stressed and overcome with sadness to no longer see them there. Keeping your old family traditions the same can intensify your sadness. Whether you ask a close friend or an attorney from theDecorations at Minnetrista Luminary Walk 2009 firm of Bottar Leone, they may suggest that this is the time to start new traditions such as holding the celebration at someone else’s home, setting up a gift exchange to a family in need or going out of town.

Celebrate Their Lives

The void of this special person may be especially heartfelt during the holidays, and you need to find ways to keep this person alive and in your hearts. You can do this by setting up a picture board and have each family member bring a favorite memory or video of this person. You can also hold a candlelight vigil and light them in their honor. Family members may also take comfort in sharing memories and stories about this person. You can share them verbally or write them down on a piece of paper and hang them on a special holiday tree in their honor.

Face Your Feelings

The holidays typically come with a host of social gatherings and family commitments. This can be overwhelming for the family who has just lost someone to a wrongful death accident. You can balance the number of parties and gatherings with alone time. Don’t feel guilty if you can’t muster enough energy and happiness to attend parties when you aren’t feeling up to it. It’s important to set aside solitary moments to handle your grief.

Enlist The Help of Others

A wrongful death accident can be especially difficult to deal with during the holidays. You can start the healing process by seeking the help of an attorney. They’ll be able to discuss your case and seek financial retribution for the loss of your loved one. This can be especially helpful if they were the bread winner of the family, and you’re facing financial hardship with their passing.

You may also need to seek the help of a professional to get you through the difficult times ahead. A family counselor or group therapy sessions can aid you through the process. A release ceremony can also be beneficial upon the one year anniversary of their death.

If your loved one was involved in a wrongful death accident, you may find it especially hard to comprehend what happened. Having to deal with their loss throughout the holidays can be even more of a challenge. However, the above tips can start the healing process and make their memories easier to deal with.

Understanding that losing a loved one is never easy, Nadine Swayne offers these thoughts of encouragement to ease the pain. Bottar Leone attorneys, for nearly three decades, have represented individuals and families that have experienced a loss caused by negligence, using their extensive experience for clients wrongful death claims.

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