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Why Online Printing Makes Sense for Your Home-Based Business

Why Online Printing Makes Sense for Your Home-Based Business

ALLPICS ONLINE BIZ Why Online Printing Makes Sense for Your Home Based Business

Why Online Printing Makes Sense for Your Home-Based Business

Some small business owners still believe that it is easier and cheaper to create and print their own materials in-house, or think it’s more convenient to drive down to the local print shop. But, in fact, online printing can actually be easier on your budget and save you time—and after all, time is money, right? Many progressive owners looking to reduce their annual marketing spends have embraced the online printing process; helping them get high quality results at a discounted price. 

Why Make the Switch?

1. Pricing – Printing large quantities of promotional items ranging from business cards to brochures with a local company or in-house is almost always more expensive than using online printing. For this reason alone, most businesses have started designing their advertising collateral on the Internet.

2. Diversity – The odds are high that you will not stick with one or two basic printing templates forever. Fortunately, an online printing company will provide you with the freedom to create almost anything. For example, sticker printing is a popular online option, and this will give you a more eye-catching way to promote your products or services.

3. Create Your Own Designs – Hiring someone to create promotional designs can be very cost prohibitive. You can easily make your own custom designs by looking through all of the options that are available with an online printing company. Simply select the layout and colors that you prefer, and the company will incorporate these choices into any of the promotional materials that are available.

4. Upload Logos and Photos – You can quickly add your own logos and photos into your custom design by uploading them to the printing company’s website. Once uploaded, you will have the ability to resize or crop them, and choose the layout for each of your promotional items. Online printing companies generally have very helpful staff, for either online chats or contact by phone, to ensure your ordering experience is satisfactory.

5. Receive Immediate Proofs – When you send a project to a local printer, you typically have to wait awhile to receive their proof. The online printing process enables you to skip this lengthy process. Instead, you will receive an online proof immediately as you finish creating each item. After reviewing, you can commit to the design to get the printing process started right away.

6. Fast Delivery – Online printing companies are typically able to complete orders and drop ship them directly to the buyer within a few days, and this speed makes them a great option for companies who need items to be printed rapidly for an upcoming event.

When you combine the price, flexibility and speed of getting all of your promotional materials through an online printing company, it’s easy to understand why so many other businesses have already taken advantage of this user friendly way to fulfill all their printing requirements. From sticker printing to refrigerator magnets and calendars, you’ll find these branded items are valuable to get into the hands of your clients—unlike a website, they are daily physical reminders for customers to consider you for their needs.

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