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The 411 On Commuter Bus Accidents

The 411 On Commuter Bus Accidents

BUS ACCIDENT The 411 On Commuter Bus Accidents

The 411 On Commuter Bus Accidents

When you’re looking for an alternate mode of transportation to get you safely to your destination, commuter buses may come to mind. This type of vehicle is large enough and can offer the passengers within a high level of protection in case of an accident. However, there were close to 34,000 people injured in commuter bus crashes over the past year alone.

Commuter Bus Crashes

Commuter bus accidents can include school, city and tour buses and laws state that they should come equipped with seatbelts for the passengers safety. Unfortunately, very few individuals wear the equipment and end up being thrown around the vehicle during a collision. This can cause severe injuries, broken bones and fatalities, depending on the severity of the accident.

The center of gravity for a bus is high, and they are at a greater risk for roll overs. There are many causes of commuter bus crashes with excessive speed, distracted driving, poor maintenance due to bad company policy and mismanagement, DUI and a drowsy driver heading the list. Mechanical failure can also be at the helm for numerous accidents.

A bus driver may have a time schedule that they need to adhere to, and it can cause them to take unnecessary risks to stay within those parameters which could be set by company policy. It can also cause them to use medicinal measures to stay alert such as drugs and alcohol. Physics can also play a role in an accident. Most commuter buses are designed for a specific number of passengers and equipment, anything beyond can cause a shift in gravity and increase the chances of a rollover for the vehicle.

Injuries And Fatalities

Whether the bus rolls over and down an embankment or collides with another vehicle, the consequences of the crash can be devastating to all involved in the incident. If you are involved in an accident with a commuter bus while driving your car, consider researching online for more information regarding your rights at In some cases, injuries such as broken bones, brain trauma, cuts, bruises and spinal cord injuries can occur. However, injuries from a bus accident have also proven to be fatal.

Know Your Rights

A bus driver is in charge of the vehicle, and the passengers within. They are required to keep their hands on the wheel of the vehicle and to stay alert. Any distractions such as talking to the other passengers, tinkering with the GPS or cellphone usage can cause a crash in a split second. To protect the passengers within the vehicle, a bus should be driven with the utmost care and properly maintained.

However, not all businesses provide this level of care and service. An accident attorney can help fight for your rights against this critical form of negligence. You also have the right to verify that the bus company has the appropriate credentials and licensing before you or your loved ones climb aboard. The business should also have records that the vehicle has been properly maintained. Any instances of neglect or prior accidents should be researched thoroughly.

Entrusting a stranger to get you to and from your destination is a serious matter, and you need to be pro-active with those you care about. Commuter bus transportation can be a great way to get around, but you need to remain alert to the hazards.

Nadine Swayne offers this article to car drivers and bus riders alike to warn about potential hazards, and encourages visiting legal sites online, such as, to gain more information if you’re injured in an accident with a commuter bus.

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