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StepTeens And Crime: 4 Actions To Take

StepTeens And Crime: 4 Actions To Take

ANGST TEEN StepTeens And Crime: 4 Actions To Take

Step-Teens And Crime: 4 Actions To Take

Divorce and children who have to divide up their time between the two households can be difficult issues to face. This can be especially trying for a parent who wishes to remarry and make their children a part of the new household. Animosity, depression and anger can be many of the feelings a teen will have to contend with, and they may act out in defiant ways. The following tips will help you to deal with these issues.

Teen Girl in Low Light1. Set Your Boundaries

A step-child may be defiant if they see you encroaching on their territory, especially if they already have both parents as their role model. You can make them feel at ease by setting up boundaries from the start. You can begin by telling them that while they will never take the place of their other parent, you still want them to see you as another role model and someone that they can count on.

You should also set up rules and regulations ahead of time and what is expected of them. If they disobey them, they will have to face the consequences such as keys to their car taken away, no going out if their curfew has been broken and making sure that they keep an acceptable grade point average in school.

2. Set A Good Example

You can earn your step-child’s trust and loyalty by setting a good example and you’ll find that they may reciprocate and be respectful back. A step-parent who comes home, ignores them and focuses solely on themselves will only build animosity and anger in the teen. This can lead them to act out, engage in illegal activity or eventually, get arrested. Visit sites online, such as, for information that can help if your teen ends up on the wrong side of the law.

...3. Take Time To Bond

It can be easy for a step-child to dislike an individual they see as breaking up their normal family. However, you can put these feelings to rest by taking the time to bond and get to know them. Instead of coming in as an outsider, you can set up activities between you and your step-child such as attending baseball games, movies and going out to dinner. You can also earn their trust and loyalty by making this a ritual and taking an actual interest in them.

If you’re coming into a situation where a parent has passed away, you may find the teen having difficulty coming to terms with their absence. You can ensure them that while you’ll never take their parents place, you still want to be a part of their lives and be there if they should ever need anything.

4. Blended Holiday Planning

The holidays can be a difficult time for teens with multiple households to contend with. You can make this easier on them by including them in the planning and enlisting their own plans for spending time with each family member.

It can be difficult dealing with the emotions and hormonal changes of the teen years. It can be even more of a challenge when you add in issues of being a step-parent and raising a family in a happy and respectful environment. Patience is the key!

Being part of a step-family can have its ups and downs, and Nadine Swayne forwards this article to help all blended households. While researching information, she came across the website,, that gave her valuable insight to teens, crime and the ripple effects that it can have on families.

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