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Righting Injustice or Crying Wolf: The Dangers Of False Claims

Righting Injustice or Crying Wolf: The Dangers Of False Claims

ADVERSARY Righting Injustice or Crying Wolf: The Dangers Of False Claims

Righting Injustice Or Crying Wolf: The Dangers of False Claims 

One of the most hurtful things that can ever happen in a person’s life is to be wrongly accused of something. The pain, shame and anger such accusations bring can ruin whole reputations and careers. It can also negatively impact people’s health and their relationships. Unfortunately, there are people who enjoy seeing the damage that their false accusations bring onto others. And with the widespread use of the Internet, pointing fingers is very easily done.

There are times when it is necessary to right an injustice by becoming a “whistleblower” to expose corrupt company practices or human rights violations. According to Goldberg Kohn whistleblowers must act in a way that does not involve fraud, since they will be putting at risk their career, reputation, and life to tell the truth.

Attacking a company’s reputation by accusing it of any wrongdoing can have a huge fall-out if the company cannot successfully fight against the allegations. The accusations affect everyone in the company, from the lofty board member to the lowly factory worker. The fall-out can be equally damaging even if the company is a small business, doing most of its operations on the Cloud.


Take A Big Breath Before You Whistle

Before blowing the whistle, there are several things to consider:

1. What’s causing you to do this? Think about what served as the catalyst. Did you lose your job? Are you getting a divorce and you want to spite your spouse? Examine your motives carefully and honestly and pinpoint why you are willing to take this action.

2. What are the consequences for your actions? All actions have consequences and may damage others, as well as yourself. Will your allegations against a company spark an investigation by high-level company officials or the government? Will accusing a former partner of abuse lead to them being charged with a crime and getting jail time? Are you ready to take responsibility for this consequence?

3. Is this really an injustice you need to expose or are you simply operating on emotions? Are you trying to right a wrong that simply goes against humanity? Are you using your best judgment? Are you being impulsive? Is this something you might regret later?

Making fraudulent claims and crying “wolf” just to get a reaction, or wanting to retaliate against someone for what you perceive to be an injustice done to you, should be cause for alarm. It’s dangerous to make unfounded claims against others for any reason. If your accusations are found to be false, you could be sued or charged with a crime.

Lying Liars

You are taking a big risk whenever you make any claim against anyone. You do not want to cause unnecessary panic. Think twice before you make any claims. Think thrice before you make any false claims.

Debbie Nguyen is a blogger, graphic designer, knitter, and mother based in Atlanta. She knows first-hand how hurtful and damaging it is to be falsely accused of something and have nowhere to turn. Look to Goldberg Kohn whistleblowers attorneys for guidance and positive outcome if you are involved in a situation of warranted exposure.

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