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NYE Wedding? 4 Top Tips For The Perfect Celebration!

NYE Wedding? 4 Top Tips For The Perfect Celebration!

ALLPICS NYE NYE Wedding? 4 Top Tips For The Perfect Celebration!

NYE Wedding? 4 Top Tips For The Perfect Celebration!

The holiday season is a magical time of year, and the perfect setting for a New Year’s Eve wedding celebration. To ring in the New Year right, you will want to ensure the following tips for a perfect seasonal celebration for you and your loved one.

1. The Proposal And Ring

The proposal is one of the most important parts of your wedding celebration, as you will likely remember this joyous occasion for the rest of your life. Whether you set the venue up at a restaurant or outdoor setting where you first met or go with something intimate and meaningful, you can mark the day with celebratory champagne and flowers.

The L.A. jewelry district has a host of options for your rings. Since the wedding rings will be a symbol of your love and commitment, you want to find a setting that personalizes your specific tastes. You will also find an assortment of styles, sizes and prices to fit most any budget.

2. Reserve Your Venues

If you’re looking to host your New Year’s Eve wedding celebration at a popular location, you will want to book the venue immediately. You can schedule the event later in the evening, so your guests will be there to ring in the New Year with you.

Typical hot spots can include restaurants and wedding halls, but you can also think outside the box and host the event at your home. If you live in a location where the temperature is warm, you can also hold your wedding celebration at the beach or in your own backyard.

New York3. Inform Guests

With today’s latest technological advances, you now have other methods of notifying your guests of your upcoming wedding celebration. If you’re planning to host your wedding on New Year’s Eve, you can send a hold the date invite through the email.

You can also send wedding invitations and personalize them with a number of styles and designs through Evite. This is an excellent way to also keep track of who you have invited, the guests that are attending and those that are unable to make it.

4. Coordinate The Event

Because this is a busy time of the year, you may need help in making the final preparations. The wedding attire can all be bought and reserved ahead of time and includes the tux and wedding dress.

The menu should fit the style of wedding that you will be having. If you’re choosing a formal gathering, you may want to go with a sit down dinner. For a wedding with a casual feel to it, you can go with appetizers or a stand up buffet style of food.

When it comes to decorating, you have a host of options for a New Year’s Eve celebration that includes noise makers, confetti, party hats and champagne.

Planning a New Year’s Eve wedding is unique and out of the ordinary. You can personalize your special day with a host of holiday options that are centered around a New Year’s Eve theme. The above tips will help ensure a memorable occasion and aid you in ringing in a lifetime of happiness together as a couple.

Nadine Swayne knows how daunting it is to plan a wedding, especially on New Year’s Eve, and offers these tips to the happy couple. Whether you shop in the L.A. jewelry district for your rings or have a wedding planner handle your entire event, try to remember the love and spirit of your special day and enjoy!

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