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NYC Christmas Windows: A Holiday Must See!

NYC Christmas Windows: A Holiday Must See!

ALLPICS XMAS NYC Christmas Windows: A Holiday Must See!

NYC Christmas Windows: A Holiday Must See!

Holiday shopping is truly a memorable experience when you see the New York City stores and retail establishments turn their windows into magical displays of art. However, the storefront windows are more than just a simple tree, lights and ribbons. There’s a lot of thought, hard work, dedication and craftsmanship that goes into these artistic treasures.

Lord & Taylor

Each year, visitors come from near and far to view the spectacular window dressings displayed by the stores. Past window displays have centered on animated winter wonderland scenes. The intricate displays can take a great deal of time and effort on the part of those contracting the various scenes from around the world.

In addition to the holiday lights, Lord and Taylor’s craftsmen created scenes from various countChristmas displays, NYCries in past window displays that concentrated on ski villages, gingerbread houses and nutcrackers. It can be a technological nightmare for the worker to get the animated characters to move according to the scenery and a lot of thought and preparation come into play.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Located near the famous Rockefeller Center holiday tree is Saks Fifth Avenue. Previous displays have garnered notice for their lifelike appearances. The window displays at Saks also featured a dynamic light display each night that captured the endearing holiday scenes.

As expressed by one New York construction lawyer, “Construction law has evolved over the years, particularly in the New York area. The New York City Bar Association offers a comprehensive report on the changes as they apply to our geographical area.” While the contractors working on the displays capture the scenes and artistic designs beautifully, there could be contract issues that occur throughout the process that hold up the workmanship that goes into the project. Although this could be a possibility, the spirit of Christmas shines in every window!


The classic605 Third Avenue Window Display scene along the 34th Street side of Macy’s typically depicts the classic theme of Virginia’s letter about Santa Clause. The window displays along Broadway change each year and showcase a contemporary theme.

Since the windows have to be constructed and finished by a particular time, the contractors assigned to the projects need to get the work done in a timely manner. They also need to be cautious and have safety at the forefront of their mind when constructing the detail oriented displays. Any workers who are negligent in their efforts and break contract rules could face serious repercussions.


Technology was an important part of the window display at Barney’s last year. They displayed a large video and light display that centered round Disney characters this past year. This animated scenery is ideal for holiday shoppers and can take the drudgery out of finding that perfect gift. Making sure the light display and video work in sync can be difficult for a novice and only technologically savvy workers can seal the deal.


The scenery at Bloomingdale’s is typically exciting and eccentric. This past year featured the animation of Cirque du Soleil and had miniature characters floating around the dressed windows. A lot of thought, imagination and hard work went into the creations and workers had to be at their best when working on the displays.

The holiday displays in New York City go well beyond typical ornaments, trees and snow. Since many of the window displays feature winter wonderlands, breathtaking scenery and animated characters, you’ll find the workers and construction set ups to be fine-tuned and well-crafted.

Reminiscing about the beautiful Christmas displays New York City offers throughout the holiday season inspires Nadine Swayne to write this article. Canfield, Madden & Ruggiero LLP, a New York construction lawyer group, helps companies maintain and navigate through construction laws to incorporate integrity into every project.

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