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Kids Off To College? 4 Top Tips For Their Safety

Kids Off To College? 4 Top Tips For Their Safety

APICS COLLEGE Kids Off To College? 4 Top Tips For Their Safety

Kids Off To College?: 4 Top Tips For Their Safety

One of the most memorable times in your life is during your college years. It’s a time to grow, develop and enjoy freedom for the first time in your life. However, sending your kids off for the first time can be worrisome for parents. In the wake of college shootings, hazing, driving while intoxicated and sex abuse scandals, you need to provide your kids with important information to help them make wise and responsible decisions while away from home.

1. Drive Safely

Your new found freedom may seem exciting to first time college students. Between parties, making new friends and living on your own, you’re going to be presented with a host of new opportunities. To ensure that you make the best decisions and stay out of trouble, you’re going to need to use common sense.

Attending college parties is common for most college students. However, driving while intoxicated can end your college career and affect the rest of your life, especially if you cause an accident. Whether you ask a San Diego trooper or a car accident lawyer in Miami, you will hear that before you go out for the night, you should make your transportation arrangements ahead of time. A designated driver, cab or public transportation will help you arrive to and from your designated destination safely.

Spring Break with Katherine 126 2. Check In

Going away to college is a new experience for most young adults. Because you’re without rules and adult supervision, you could be at risk for certain problems. Enlisting the buddy system allows you the freedom to do as you please, but it can also aid in keeping you safe when you check in with a friend. Whether you go to a party, travel across campus at night or date, you’re going to have to take precautionary measures to ensure that you get home safe. With a simple text or quick phone call, your college age support system will work to help keep you safe.

3. Stay Informed

There have been numerous instances where shootings and other abhorrent behavior has gone on within the confines of college campuses. You can do your part by staying informed with your college’s administrative office. You need to provide them with your name, address and cellphone number. This will allow them the opportunity to alert you via phone or text about any on-campus issues or problems.

4. Dorm Safety

If you’re in your dorm room, you want to keep your doors and windows locked when alone. You should also have secure items such as a fire extinguisher, hand-held alarm system and pepper spray. Cellphones are another big defense mechanism, and you can enlist the help of a number of safety applications for your phone such as iWitness Smartphone service. Here you’ll be able to record the offense actually taking place while your phone automatically dials the local police. It can also track your exact location.

Going off to college for the first time can be a wonderful experience for most young adults. However, crime, drinking and driving and irresponsible behavior can make it a nightmare for both you and parents. By keeping a level head and following the above tips, you’ll be able to ensure your own safety and provide peace of mind to your family members back home.

Dorm life can be exciting and dangerous at the same time and this inspires Nadine Swayne to present these tips for new students and parents. At Steinger, Iscoe & Greene, you can find a car accident lawyer in Miami  that will represent your young adult if they get into a wreck, enabling them to refocus on their studies.

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