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Hot Holiday Parties: How Many Drinks Is Too Many Drinks?

Hot Holiday Parties: How Many Drinks Is Too Many Drinks?

ALLPICS DRINK GROUP Hot Holiday Parties: How Many Drinks Is Too Many Drinks?

Hot Holiday Parties: How Many Drinks Is Too Many Drinks?

The Holidays, for many people are the busiest social season of the year.  It is the time of year we all get together, our calendars are full, and it seems that every evening there’s a social gathering or fancy affair of some sort. Between all the parties, dinners, and soirees it can be easy to over indulge in alcohol during the holiday season.

Drinking habits around this season increase so much in fact, that many police departments place an increased emphasis on making DUI arrests during this time of the year. Camaraderie and cocktails are the things we most look forward to at holiday parties, but parties should be pleasurable affairs and you want to ensure that you enjoy the holiday season smartly and safely.

Why Do So Many People Overindulge at Holiday Parties?

Whether you are attending a family get-together or the office holiday function, the odds are high that alcoholic beverages will be flowing freely. The effortless availability alone is enough to encourage many people to drink, and the added stress of being in a social situation can also make drinking seem like a better idea. Once you get started one drink becomes many drinks and suddenly you’re consuming alcohol without realizing you have far exceeded your personal limits.

Keep in mind that the average adult woman is considered legally intoxicated after having only two drinks within an hour, and the average man three drinks. In other words, you could be drunk and not even know it. While the temptation to indulge may be high you run the risk of an evening that doesn’t end well.

The Dangers Of Having Too Much To Drink

When we think of getting drunk the first thought that comes to most minds is fear of a getting pulled over. According to the Steven E. Kellis law firm, ”a DUI is in fact considered a misdemeanor and carries stiff penalties.” In addition to the fact that drinking too much could can lead to serious consequences such as DUI’s, it is also important to note that there are often social and personal repercussions associated with over doing it at a holiday party.

For example, getting drunk at a work function is a major offense, as a rule being inebriated in front of your boss is a generally an all around bad idea. You could end up saying or doing something damaging to your career.

Another potential danger to consider unfortunately is, having too much to drink can put you in a compromising position with other individuals who are interested in taking advantage of you.  Acts of drunkenness… it makes the most sense to simply avoid overindulging.

How Can I Curb The Urge To Drink?

If you typically enjoy drinking during social situations such as holiday parties here are few tips you can follow to help you enjoy yourself without over doing it.

Firstly set a limit. It’s important to know just how many is too many and this is different for everyone. You may want to ask the bartender to cut you off after a specific number of drinks or go to parties with a responsible friend you know will keep you from crossing the line.

Also important when you plan to attend a party where drinks will be involved is making sure you nourish your stomach. It may be tempting to skip eating to save calories, but a lack of food in your system causes you to become drunk much faster. Not eating before hand is a one-way ticket to drunkenness and one almighty hangover.

Another helpful tip is to stretch your drink, sip don’t chug. Alcohol is meant to be savored and enjoyed. Taste your drink as you swallow it, appreciate both the flavor and the aroma. You should be drinking for enjoyment not for inebriation.

Finally, a good rule of thumb is to alternate one nonalcoholic beverage per cocktail. Rotate between drinks with other refreshments like soda or water. It may also be helpful to dilute your alcoholic beverages with a ample dose of a mixer such as juice.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with a drink or two when drinking responsibly.We all love to have a good time and the holiday season is cause to let a little loose and knock back a few. Figure out your sweet spot and don’t over do it. It’ll help you skip the hangover and the embarrassment later. 

Nadine Swayne is a freelance writer focused on information about personal safety. Research for more information about her own accident lead her to the website of Steven E. Kellis, which helped explain it in legal terms.

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