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Festivities And Felonies: How To Survive The Holiday Link

Festivities And Felonies: How To Survive The Holiday Link

ALLPICS XMAS 2 Festivities And Felonies: How To Survive The Holiday Link

Festivities And Felonies: How To Survive The Holiday Link

The holiday season is a magical time of year with family gatherings, food preparations and giving. It can bring out many unique people, shopping events and adventures. Unfortunately, it can also be linked to crimes, theft and domestic violence. The holiday season can bring on stress, depression and anxiety that can culminate these actions and crimes. The following will offer tips on how you can avoid becoming a victim and take charge of your own safety.

Protecting Your Home

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, you may be careless in protecting your home against theft and burglaries. When you leave your home, you need to be extra careful to lock your doors and windows. Holiday gifts and valuable items will be tempting to steal, especially if they are visible to the outside. Try placing the Christmas tree in another part of the home, avoiding it being displaying with presents by the front window of the house. You can also wait until the actual holiday to display and exchange gifts.

If you’re planning to go away for the holidays, you need to have a neighbor or friend pick up your mail and newspapers. You can also suspend those services altogether while you are away. You may also want to put your lights on timers and vary the times that they go on. To ensure that the house looks occupied, put the T.V. or radio on while you’re away. Noise and lights can deter burglaries.

Never broadcast your vacation plans on your social media accounts. Criminals scour the Internet looking for this type of information. If you let your Facebook friends know you will be in Hawaii for two weeks, there’s a possibility that you are letting strangers and computer hackers know as well.You can safely display and share pictures of your great snowbird vacation when you get back home.

Holiday Domestic Violence

Stress can run rampant during the holiday season with family gatherings and financial limits being reached. This can add even more anxiety to a relationship that is fragile and at its limits. Alcohol consumption and illegal drugs are even greater during this time of year, making domestic violence more of an issue among couples. This is partly due to the fact that people who are depressed during this time of year tend to reach for things that will “numb” their pain and troubles.

Because the abuser likes to gain control over the family, they may hold family gatherings hostage and prohibit you from attending anything social. You can start by communicating your feelings out in a calm and respectful manner. If you see that things are getting out of control, you need to ease the tension with a cool down session apart from one another. Stress is also another leading factor for small disagreements to spiral into large arguments that can lead to verbal and physical abuse during the holidays.

If money is tight and arguments stem from this, you can avoid fights by implementing a budget and sticking to it. If the fighting gets out of hand, you should never defend the abuser. There are a host of options available to the victim and family members involved in the abuse such as shelters, churches, and your local law enforcement authorities.

These actions by an abuser can be mentally detrimental to the family. According to Criminal Attorney Kevin DeVore, found online at, “Beyond jail time, the potential exists for a person charged with domestic assault to be subjected to a restraining order that prevents contact not only with his or her spouse, but with the children from the marriage or relationship as well.”

Holiday Shopping

The holiday shopping season should be a joyous occasion for you and your family. Unfortunately, you can be at your most vulnerable to theft and crimes when you’re at your busiest. Most holiday shoppers are focused on the task at hand and become self-absorbed in gift purchasing. You can avoid theft and dangerous situations by staying alert. Try to avoid making numerous trips to load your car with purchases while shopping. Some malls offer gift holding areas that are supervised or lockers with an attendant to help deter crime in parking lots. You can also consider shopping online as an alternative to mall shopping to help steer clear of the dangers of the season.

Since many holiday robberies happen when it’s dark, you should plan your outing during the daytime hours. Always let others know of your shopping plans. If you have to shop at night, you can bring a friend or family member with you. There’s always safety in numbers. Try to avoid carrying large sums of cash and place your credit cards tucked safely away where nobody can reach them.

Statistics show that the numbers of theft, robberies and domestic violence cases rise during the holidays. You can alleviate any tension and stress related to the season and avoid becoming a target with the above holiday safety tips. Remember, always be aware of your surroundings and never accept any violence brought upon you and your family.

Nadine Swayne knows that the holidays can be a joyous time, but offers this article to bring awareness to the other side of the coin, crime. Visiting sites like, will help you gain knowledge, whether you are the abuser or the abused, of seasonal infractions that can devastate families and society.

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