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Critical Bus Stop: 5 Things To Do While Waiting For Your Ride

Critical Bus Stop: 5 Things To Do While Waiting For Your Ride

BUS STOP Critical Bus Stop: 5 Things To Do While Waiting For Your Ride

Critical Bus Stop: 5 Things to Do While Waiting for Your Ride

Traveling by public transportation can be a great way to get around, especially when you’re going to work or running errands. However, ensuring your safety is extremely important, and you need to protect yourself while waiting for your ride with the following tips.

For your safety ...

Stand Close to Other Passengers

Whether you’re traveling during a heavily populated part of the day or when it’s dark and desolate, you need to try to stay near other passengers that are waiting for the bus. There’s safety in numbers when you’re trying to get around and a criminal will find it a lot harder to rob or harm someone when there are other people within the vicinity of other travelers. If you live near someone who goes to the same location each day, you can make travel arrangements to ride the bus together.

Desolate and Dark

If you find your bus stop to be desolate and dark, you can choose a more secure location to wait for transportation. An occupied building where you can see the buses arrival can be a lot safer than standing outside on you Bus stop Saskia van Uylenburgwegr own in the dark. You can also choose a well-lit area such as a store front or lit apartment building to wait.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Taking note of your surroundings is important in keeping safe. Leave your headphones, electronic devices and other expensive gadgetry tucked away safe and out of eyesight. Robberies typically occur when a victim is unaware and focused on other tasks. It can also happen when they’re using costly equipment that entices the robber.

You should also take note of who you’re traveling with. If anyone looks suspicious, you can be ready to call the police or scream. If you find yourself in harm’s way, studies have shown that victims screaming “fire” have received more attention instead of those that have cried for “help.” It also helps to have your purse securely wrapped around your body and pepper spray at the ready.

These occurrences usually occur in larger cities like Los Angeles, New York or Atlanta.  You might even want to consider speaking with a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta, GA if the incident happens there to see if you may be compensated by responsible parties.

Walk with Purpose

Criminals typically choose victims who they deem weak and won’t put up much of a fight. To trick criminals or any would-be thieves into believing that you’re someone who is not to be reckoned with, you need to carry yourself with purpose. A strong gait, upright position and head held high can make them second guess their purpose and provide you with much needed protection. If you think that you’re being followed or you’re suspicious of another individual, don’t be afraid to seek assistance immediately.

Be Careful Who You Befriend

You need to use extreme caution while waiting for public transportation when befriending individuals you don’t know. Criminals can use extreme tactics to tug at your heartstrings and rob you blind. They can also harm, rape or injure unsuspecting individuals. If anyone appears injured or asks for assistance, you can offer to call for help from a safe location.

Getting to and from your destination by way of bus is a convenient and inexpensive way to travel. However, ensuring that you use the above proper safety measures can protect you and your valuables and keep you out of harm’s way.

Giovanna O’Neal is an Atlanta resident and concerned mother who shares articles like this one to teach or remind people survival skills that they may not have acquired along the way. She researched personal injury lawyer in Atlanta, GA, Stokes and Kopitsky, P.A., for information on their experience litigating personal injury cases in the state of Georgia.

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