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Cosmetic Surgery: The “Hush Hush” Behind The Knife

Cosmetic Surgery: The “Hush Hush” Behind The Knife

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Cosmetic Surgery: The “Hush Hush” Behind The Knife

The Center for Disease Control reports that more than 14 million patients underwent cosmetic surgery within the last year. With these surgical procedures becoming more commonplace, people would assume that malpractice lawsuits linked to cosmetic surgeries gone awry, would be met with sympathy and understanding by the public. However, even though record numbers of people are going through such surgery, these procedures still carry a stigma that is less than favorable with other individuals.

When people fall victim to medical malpractice after cosmetic surgery, they may hesitate to take the appropriate action because of several notable presumptions held not only by themselves, but also the public as a whole.

Presumed Vanity and Pride

Many people who have never gone through cosmetic surgery presume that people who do are vain and proud. These patients are thought to be so consumed with their looks and beauty that they willingly go through surgery to enhance their appearances. Even if people want to better their looks, however, they do not deserve to suffer medical malpractice.

People who are the victims of such malpractice during and after their surgeries may hesitate to notify medical supervisors or attorneys because they do not want to be thought of as vain and superficial. Although this may be the case, it is very important to speak up to possibly help another not go through the pain and agony that you have at the hands of a negligent doctor. As noted by one medical malpractice attorney in Michigan,”When a medical professional or facility’s failure to provide you with an acceptable level of care causes you harm, you may have a medical malpractice claim.

Assumptions of Money to Waste

People sometimes think of patients who elect for cosmetic surgery as having excess money to throw away on unneeded medical treatments. A person who gets breast enhancements or a face lift may be viewed by others as wasting money and showing off their excessive wealth. Even if the person paid cash for the surgery, however, they did not pay for the surgeon’s neglect and mistreatment. People who are victims may want to avoid people thinking that they are being stupid with their money and throwing away cash on surgical enhancements.

Deserving Being a Victim

When patients are victims of cosmetic surgery medical malpractice, they may hesitate to take action because they fear others telling them that they deserved what happened to them. They fear being made a victim not only through medical malpractice, but also by finding a total lack of empathy from others who should be sympathetic and helpful.

Victims also may think they deserved such treatment because they elected to have cosmetic surgery that perhaps was not crucial to their overall health. Even so, patients who go through such surgery should be able to trust their doctors. Doctors in all medical specialties have the duty to treat their patients with dignity and respect.

Despite the surgery being elective, patients who were not shown the utmost care, only to suffer at the hands of their doctor, should take necessary action to find closure and justice for their medical malpractice cases.

Fighting for you rights after being the victim of medical malpractice can best be accomplished when a person hires an attorney. This person’s attorney can help by:

• Securing medical reports to show the victim’s pain and suffering.

• Prove the doctor acted without honor or integrity toward the victim.

• File action in court to seek compensation for the victim’s pain and suffering.

With cosmetic surgery on the rise in this country, medical malpractice cases linked to these procedures are expected to rise as well. People are advised to overcome their shame and never assume the worst that will keep them from taking the necessary action to seek the proper closure and justice for their cases.

Nadine Swayne presents this information with hopes of bringing this ever growing problem of brushing cosmetic malpractice under the surface. If you have been a victim of negligence, research medical malpractice attorney in Michigan to gain more knowledge of the legal rights you have after a surgery gone awry.

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