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5 Easy DIY Tips To Help Build a Strong Online Presence

5 Easy DIY Tips To Help Build a Strong Online Presence

ALLPICS BRAND 5 Easy DIY Tips To Help Build a Strong Online Presence

5 Easy DIY Tips To Help Build a Strong Online Presence

Building a strong online presence is one of the best ways to create awareness of your products or services, and you can use a cohesive design throughout all of your social media pages to make them more eye-catching. Fortunately, this does not even require a lot of technical knowledge, so you can make your company stand out without needing to pay someone to take care of everything for you. Instead, you can simply use some do it yourself tips to save money while increasing your profit margin.

Five DIY Tips for Creating a Strong Online Presence

1. Use Your Logo on Everything – All of your social media pages should have the same profile image to make it easy for consumers to instantly recognize your brand. After all, putting your logo as the main image on all of these pages will provide them with legitimacy, brand equity, and it will also give you a color scheme to work with.

Your logo needs to be a true representation of your company, using it in your signature for emails and correspondence will keep your online presence strong. Remember to test market your logo, get your audience’s
perspective and feedback. That way, should you need to alter your logo, you have not spent a significant amount of time, finalizing just to find that your target is missing your mark.

2. Webpage Templates – Several of the pages that you build online can be tailor-made with a specific style by using web templates, including your WordPress hosted blog, your company’s website and your Twitter page. In other words, if the background of your website is black, you should also use this color as the background of your blog. Using the same font style and color is also an important touch that will provide cohesion throughout your various pages.

The use of mobile sites is also increasingly popular, you could use Weebly.com which gives you a free web template, along with a mobile template. You can toggle between design views to insure a cohesive look across the board. Free templates have an advantage of drag-and-drop features, therefore you do not have to be a master at web design to create an alluring site.

3. Secure the Same Name – The name that you use for your website address should also be attached to your Flickr, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook accounts. Therefore, it is important to take the time to secure all of these user names and webpage URLs in advance. After all, if you do not use the same name consistently, it will make it much more difficult for consumers to find each page.

4. Link Everything Together – Quality inbound links will help improve your search engine ranking, so you need to utilize the “About” section on all of your social media pages to link them to your main website. Additionally, you should include links to your blog and all of your social media pages from your website, and it is best to take advantage of easily recognizable buttons that have been created for website designers to take advantage of. For example, your visitors should be able to click on the Facebook logo on your site to be taken to your company’s Facebook page.

5. Embed Videos – Videos typically grab more attention than the written word, so you should create at least one strong video that highlights your company. Embedding this video onto your website and blog will help capture attention, and you should also share the video on each of your social media pages to help spread the word about your business.

The most important aspect of creating a strong online presence without utilizing professional help is to ensure that you use the same basic design elements throughout each page. Although you cannot do much to tweak things such as your Facebook page, you can still use the same user name and profile picture to help pull everything together and increase your brand equity.

Jennifer Alston has been doing freelance graphic design for over seven years and knows the important role that brand equity plays. She also consults small start-up businesses, helping them with their corporate branding plans.

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