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4 Expected Price Increases this Holiday Season

4 Expected Price Increases this Holiday Season

HOLIDAY MONEY 4 Expected Price Increases this Holiday Season

4 Expected Price Increases this Holiday Season

There are many great deals to find during the holiday season, but not everything will be available at a reduced price. In fact, there are some in demand items that are actually expected to increase in price. Therefore, be sure you take advantage of any good sales that you find on these items over the next few weeks. The following are some items that are expected to see increases during this holiday season.

1. Shipping Costs

If you have several people on your shopping list who live out-of-state, you can expect to pay more this holiday season to ship their gifts. In fact, popular online retailer has even adjusted the price of their popular Super Saver Shipping deal in order to accommodate higher shipping fees. Because of this, it will be important to leave enough room in your holiday budget to ensure that you are able to purchase and ship all of the necessary items.

2. Digital Media

In 2011, an earthquake that hit Fukushima caused one of the major providers of DVD-Rs and CD-Rs to shut down for an extended period of time. The ripple effect that this caused throughout the entire digital media duplication industry is still being felt today. This left quite an impact of digital media shortage. Therefore, it is likely that any packages of CD-Rs, DVD-Rs and BD-Rs that you find at your local store will be accompanied by a higher price tag than the last time you shopped for the same digital media.

3. Automobiles

Many people choose to wait until the holiday season in order to give themselves or their significant other the gift of a new car. This has traditionally made sense because manufacturers are in a rush at this time of year to debut the new model year, and this has made them much more likely to provide great deals on their leftover stock. However, the cost of placing an increased emphasis on producing vehicles that consume less gasoline has forced manufacturers to command a higher sticker price in order to make a profit.

Therefore, although you will get a better deal right now on a 2013 car than you would have six months ago, the price difference will not be nearly as enticing this holiday season as it would have been in the past.

4. High End Electronics

If you are content with the idea of having a basic home entertainment system, you should still be able to find great deals during the next month. However, if you are looking for an Ultra HD TV or one of the newest video gaming systems, you should be prepared to pay a hefty price. In fact, Ultra HD TVs are priced at up to $25,000, and the highly anticipated PS4 was launched with a retail price starting at $399. Unfortunately, the PS4 has sold out across the country, and this has caused consumers to pay more than double the retail price via online auction sites.

Due to all of these price increases, it is vital to ensure that you stick to your holiday shopping budget so that you do not start 2014 with a lot of debt. Fortunately, there will be several sales during the rest of the holiday season that should help you offset the higher cost of items such as DVD-Rs.

Lisa Coleman shares ideas on some things that will see price increases this season. She recently read online how, due to some unforeseen circumstances, digital media shortage is still affecting the market in today’s economy.

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