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Which HDMI Cables To Pick? A Dummies Guide

Which HDMI Cables To Pick? A Dummies Guide

If you are the owner of an HD TV and a Blu-ray player, you are one step closer to experiencing the best way to watch movie at totally staggering quality. However, you may be missing a really vital thing that will deliver the sound and picture that you have hoped for the minute you bought this setup. The thing that you need is a HDMI cable for a good connection. Even if in the past these cables could cost about 40-50 dollars, now the price is totally decent. In most cases, you will pay about $25 for a decent cable. However you must not be deceived by cheap prices. It is tempting to buy something cheap and low quality, but you may find out in surprise that it was a bad investment. On the other hand you need to mind some of the things below in order to pick a cable that actually works.

The length hdmi cables pick dummies guide Which HDMI Cables To Pick? A Dummies Guide

It seems to be normal to look at the length of the cable and see a crucial element of choice. The length has to match the needs that you have. In many cases people believe that a longer cable will be better and easier to setup as there is no concern about not being long enough. This can be true, but the reality is that the HDMI is likely to lose the strength of the signal is the path travelled by data is too long. This is called signal degradation and this means that the quality of the single will decrease together with length. Even if you do not notice it at first, it will happen.

The Connector

Another thing that you need to mind when selecting this type of cable is the connector. In most cases when you connect players, gaming consoles or other things to the TV, you will use a cable with a normal connector jack. However, there are many products which use mini-HMDI connectors. These small connectors are often used by tablets, mobile phones, digital cameras or HM camcorders. This means that you will have a normal connector on one side and a mini-HDMI fixed on the other side. The option to avoid this is by running the mini-HDMI through the USB connector and then hooking the phone or camera to the PC.

It is not rocket science to actually buy a cable that works on HDMI. You just need to mind the two things mentioned above when purchasing the cable. You may ask for the help of the shop assistant. If you buy online, it is best to take a closer look at the price and after that compare it with the connector type and the cable length. You should never buy something because it is cheap. Finding an affordable solution can be really easy and in this way you will blend the financial limits with the power of actually gaining the quality that you need. This is the only way to pick a HDMI cable in the smart way.

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