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Top Tips For Creating A Video Opener For Your Corporate Videos

Top Tips For Creating A Video Opener For Your Corporate Videos

marketing 101 Top Tips For Creating A Video Opener For Your Corporate Videos

If you are a business looking to tap into the awesome power of video marketing to help promote your products and services, then you are going to be relying on a number of videos to try and promote and sell your various products and services. In order to make these as effective as possible and to help them strengthen your brand in general, you should aim to create a consistent style across these videos and to ensure that they have a professional feel to them.

One of the best ways to accomplish this, is by creating a great opener to start off your videos. This way you will set the tone of your video, introduce your brand and at the same time ensure that every video you may has a consistent quality to it. Here we will look at some top tips to help you create such an opener.

What is An Opener?

First of all, what are the specifications for your opener? Well usually this will be a short clip that goes at the start of the video normally not lasting more than five seconds (longer and you may risk losing your audience to boredom). This will normally feature the brand logo prominently and perhaps a short jingle (if not, you might alternatively have a ‘wooshing sound’ to back up the animation).

The Animation

Including your logo in the opening is the first requirement for your opener and should help you to strengthen your brand awareness while at the same time lending consistency and context to the videos. You can start off with just a blank look at your logo then but you should aim to include some kind of animation in order to justify the video format of the clip.

Common tropes for video openers are to show the logo moving (normally stopping in the middle), to rotate the camera around the logos in 3D, to fade them in or out (perhaps with a fancy effect) or to cast them in changing lighting.

Whichever of these types of animation you go for, try to make the opening link to your industry and your mission statement. In other words, if you work in electronics, then your opener could use imagery involving electricity or circuitry which would make more sense than just a ‘generic’ sweeping movement of the camera.

Likewise you should also think about how you can make your video opener different from other openers and a bit more creative. This is something that your corporate video production company may be able to help with – spit ball ideas with them and think of something that will be genuinely interesting to look at and novel without being gimmicky.

If you want to take this further and make your opener more relevant you can also think about the way you segue into the start of the video. Perhaps for instance you could have your logo ‘build itself’ in panels and then unfold in the same way to reveal the video underneath, or perhaps you could cut to another screen in the same style with the title of your video. This will require more work each time you create a new video but will make your videos appear more thoroughly thought through and consistently designed – rather than just having a random clip attached to the start.

Author of this post, Leo Roach; works for a leading video production company. He has worked on some important assignments in his professional career and has credible experience of creating video opener’s for corporates. So, in this article, he has shared some useful tips regarding the same.

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